Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quartzsite's Boomerville

We moved from Yuma on Jan 13 and headed to Quartzsite 90 some miles up the road.
Why you ask? We'll the Escapee Boomers have created a small town near there called Boomerville. Over 100 RV's came to have fun.
Our little spot of the desert.
 A pretty sunset with our very own cactus.

We also joined RVillage for a social hour at the Yacht Club.
We made several trips back down the road to Yuma and beyond as Donna had an infection in her teeth and had to have about 12 hours of dental work over 3 different days.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, Old Friends

The Burger Bash at the Palms RV Park brought out Escapee Friends.
Then it was movie afternoon followed by "you guessed it" more eating out. 26 close Boomer friends.

Followed by the biggest of all Hot Dog's for Escapees hosted by Ron & Sharon Mead. 
72 close friends helped by bring a dish to share.

When we weren't eating out with all these Escapee friends we went to Mexico several times. Donna needed her bridge completed so we checked on several dentists in Algodones and found one in San  Luis who charged a lot less. Bob ordered new eyeglasses, we got our teeth cleaned, met WIN friends in MX and played cards most evenings at the clubhouse at our Kofa park where we have a lot. We dry camped across from it and we cleaned the rig from top to bottom.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hop, Skip and a Jump to Home

We changed our plans and turned the key. Headed back to AZ.
First was heading up to Medina Lake 1000 Trails along this pretty road.
 Our campsite overlooked the lake that isn't there but we got to watch the deer.
 Heading down the interstate we saw this pyramid.
 We were running low on fuel in west Texas so stopped here to put in 10 gallons.
 Overnighted at a state park and then continued westward and into snow.
The mountain road around El Paso.
 We got out of the state of Texas and into New Mexico.
We stayed 2 nights in Deming, NM at the Escapee Park.
Along the way we got into a convoy of huge truck beds.
 We stopped in Eloy at a Flying J where we got fuel for $2.81 and had lunch with Joel Bucchan.
Heading west toward Gila Bend we had a beautiful AZ sunset.
 Our home Elk's Lodge is undergoing a major remodel due to a road expansion.
Coming into Yuma at last.

We went to our home park but we are dry camping as our site is rented for 6 months and we didn't want to ask them to move for our week or two stay.

We went to the New Year's Party. Saw lot of our friends, drank, danced and watch midnight come in at Times Square.
 After drinking all of these different drinks
Bob had to call for the taxi to take Donna home.

Friday, December 26, 2014

More Rockport

We drove along the shoreline at Rockport and found these wind blown trees.
 We went up to the "Big Tree" It's the oldest and biggest oak tree in TX.
Found Mary in Rockport. Met her at Ft. Sumner, NM this summer.
Christmas eve's social hour at the clubhouse.
 A little geocaching on Christmas Day.
 Fueling up as we left Rockport.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas at Bay View

Our new campsite at Fulton, TX. 

Visiting with Bob's co-workers.
Ron & Elizabeth
Mike and Loretta
 (check out Bob's Santa was a lady at the next table with white hair and red sweater)

Another Mike and Bob

Checking out the beach rv parking at Port Aransas.

We were told about this house with the Christmas decorations. The man coming out the door starts decorating in October and turns the lights on the day after Thanksgiving. He told us the story about Papa Noel who brings the Christmas sled to the children of Louisiana  using alligators to pull the sled.