Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cortez Friends and Silverton Day

We stayed at the Elk's Lodge in Cortez to visit friends. 
After arrival we got our mail and did a little shopping.

Our first night we had prime rib dinner in the Lodge.
 Then we went over and visited with Dan and Marie and their daughter Chesney.

The next day we drove to Silverton, CO.
We geocached, walked around and ate dinner at Handlebar's Tavern.
He had an 8 ft handlebar mustache.

In one of the gift shops Donna spied this TP.

The next day we met Wendy and Mike for brunch and then we went geocaching together.
 It was a very warm day so we spent a few hours and dollars at the Ute Mtn. Casino.
Then it was back to Marie and Dan's for a Pizza Party.

The next day Bob drove to Mesa Verde (see the other blog).
Donna stayed home and put up 3 blogs.
She got so worried when he didn't get back that she called the rangers to search for him.
Finally back Marie and Dan came over for Happy Hour at our place and then we all went in for Burger night at the Lodge.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mesa Verde National Park

Donna stayed home and let me go to Mesa Verde NP by myself while she did the last three Blogs.
I spent all day viewing the Cliff Dwellings and did not see all of them.
 It would take several days to see them all.
 Mesa Verde National Park is the ancestral Pueblo people from the 11th century to the Late 1280s the park has over 4,500 archaeological sites and only 600 are cliff dwellings. 
They lived on top of the mesa.
 There is several items to see at the Museum and a movie about the Park and the people.
Mesa Verde is one of the best preserved cliff sites.

      Square Tower house.                              

 Got to see the local wild life.

                       I took an hour tour of Cliff Palace. This is the only way you can see them up close.
The guide did a very good presentation and explained how the people lived here and died here.

Monday, September 19, 2016


September 11th
We went to Moab and parked at Millie's
After arrival we immediately went to Milt's for buffalo burgers and fries.

Bob needed some work on the Jeep and took it early the next morning.
The man said he needed new tires so off he went to purchase them.
Again the next morning it was back to the jeep place and he fixed it. 
We no longer have the shimmies.

The evening sunsets at Millie's are beautiful.

Even the moonrise.

We even enjoy the wildlife from our window.

One day we took a drive thru the Arches NP.

We took the dirt road out and along the Klondike Bluffs.
 He then took the jeep back to the repair place for one minor adjustment.

The next day we drove to the Canyonlands NP.
Bob drove down to Mineral Bottoms where we camped when we canoed the river.
 The road is very twisty and narrow.

Then we went the rest of the way to the Island in the Sky area.

Back into Moab we drove the river road. Along the way there were about 1/2 doz. climbers doing their thing.

Donna treated Bob to dinner for the drive to the Mineral Bottoms. That will be our last time to do that drive and he deserved a great (but pricy) dinner.