Friday, October 14, 2016

Crewing at the Balloonfiesta

We went to the Albuquerque Balloonfiesta a day earlier (9/27) than our reservations.
Got a beautiful site on the "box" with the Boomer's.
On arrival we headed out to do a month of laundry.
Afterwards it was to Zio's for dinner. Our favorite restaurant.
After we got back we visited with Judy and Luke who were hosting the event.
We signed up to crew with Keystone Willie and Con Air.

The next day we went to breakfast at Mules then to Camping World to look for a new heater. They didn't have what we wanted so we bought a new fan to circulate the heated air. Then it was to Costco for more shopping and stocking up. Happy Hour with the Boomer's followed.

On the 29th the Boomer's all went to Hong Kong for the dinner buffet. We filled a side room.
Had a t-storm going and coming for it.

Got a message the next day that a friend was coming to town so we agreed to meet Barb Brady at Zio's. Wonderful seeing her and the best part it was Bob's treat.

Oct 1st we got up at 4:30 am to go to the field to crew. We road with Mark and Holly and due to a SWAT team looking for a criminal we got good and lost but finally made it to the field.
We launched Con-Air 
and then chased it to a field behind Mule's restaurant and helped pack up both balloons. 
This is Keystone Willie.
We went back to the field and went to their booth where we had a champagne celebration.
We got passes for breakfast at Cutter Pavilion from them.

Back home we napped and prepared for the night glow.

After the night glow and while we were packing up the balloons
 there were fireworks and laser lights shows.

Donna's foot was hurting from so much walking and standing around she stayed home one morning and got these awesome pictures of the sunrise clouds and the Dawn Patrol.

One afternoon where there wasn't going to be any evening glows we strolled
around the vendor's area. Met this nice couple Les and Debbie from L.A. We had a nice
chat with them about full-time RVing.

Donna caught the police officer's lined up. She particularly liked the pony.
 She even got her morning hug from Smokey the Bear.

Bob is helping inflate Con Air. Peter the pilot is in the basket.
 We are both helping inflate.

Peter and Monica are our pilots and they are from the Czech Republic.

This is the chase car for the fire hydrant balloon.

Donna discovered "Off The Wall." She crewed for it in 2004 and flew in it.

Caught this shot where the bird balloon looked like it was sitting on a wire.

One day our friends the Joe & Penny Judge from Salem, Ohio dropped by to say "hello".

We weren't needed one morning so we stayed home and took pictures of the balloons
flying over the motorhome.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lake Abiquiu

September 20 
We moved south to our favorite COE park at Abiquiu, NM

We got a message on the I-phone saying our friends Ron & Barbara had just come in and spotted our motorhome. It's pretty hard to miss with all the solar on top.

We invited them to go with us to our favorite Mexican Restaurant in El Rito.

They drove and on the way home we got to see this beautiful double rainbow.

Another quick shot of the rainbow back at the motorhome.

A view of the lake from our site.

And a great sunset out the living room window.
We really rested while here. Read a lot of Kindle books, visited with Ron & Barb for a happy hour followed by lots of leftover pizza from the Pizza Hut in Craig, CO.
We returned to El Rito for another dinner and brought home extra burritos.
Loving it here so much we paid for another night so it was a week here.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cortez Friends and Silverton Day

We stayed at the Elk's Lodge in Cortez to visit friends. 
After arrival we got our mail and did a little shopping.

Our first night we had prime rib dinner in the Lodge.
 Then we went over and visited with Dan and Marie and their daughter Chesney.

The next day we drove to Silverton, CO.
We geocached, walked around and ate dinner at Handlebar's Tavern.
He had an 8 ft handlebar mustache.

In one of the gift shops Donna spied this TP.

The next day we met Wendy and Mike for brunch and then we went geocaching together.
 It was a very warm day so we spent a few hours and dollars at the Ute Mtn. Casino.
Then it was back to Marie and Dan's for a Pizza Party.

The next day Bob drove to Mesa Verde (see the other blog).
Donna stayed home and put up 3 blogs.
She got so worried when he didn't get back that she called the rangers to search for him.
Finally back Marie and Dan came over for Happy Hour at our place and then we all went in for Burger night at the Lodge.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mesa Verde National Park

Donna stayed home and let me go to Mesa Verde NP by myself while she did the last three Blogs.
I spent all day viewing the Cliff Dwellings and did not see all of them.
 It would take several days to see them all.
 Mesa Verde National Park is the ancestral Pueblo people from the 11th century to the Late 1280s the park has over 4,500 archaeological sites and only 600 are cliff dwellings. 
They lived on top of the mesa.
 There is several items to see at the Museum and a movie about the Park and the people.
Mesa Verde is one of the best preserved cliff sites.

      Square Tower house.                              

 Got to see the local wild life.

                       I took an hour tour of Cliff Palace. This is the only way you can see them up close.
The guide did a very good presentation and explained how the people lived here and died here.