Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Long Day to El Paso & Beyond.

Bob wanted to go to Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabian, TX. It's a long ways away so we made it a long day. First up to Deming to get our mail. His there. Donna's wasn't.

Then we headed east on I10 to Mesilla. 
There is an old section of town which we walked around.
The oldest brick building in the region.
Bob made a new friend.
 Guess who was in the area.

We all know Donna's addiction and they even named a place for her. Naturally she had to go in and smell.
After a stop at Sam's Club we headed to Fabian and the steakhouse. It's a unique place and has a zoo, historic buildings and the greatest restaurant.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Silver City and Beyond

While at the City of Rocks we made several trips to Silver City. The area has some interesting sites.
A copper mine.
 Cemetary statue.
 While doing the Trail we ran across Marlene & Bob doing it from the opposite direction.

 Pretty scenery.
 And the VA cemetary at Ft. Bayard.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lots of Rocks

April 4. We stayed 3 nights at Rockhound State Park. Got an electric site for $4 a night. We never sat out or took pictures. Been there and done that. It was very windy. Used our electric heater's, hot water tanks and equalized the batteries. Ate at the Adobi Deli, went to get more wine and take out at the Amigo Deli. On our way out of Deming to go to the City of Rock's State Park we got the motorhome washed. 

Our site at City of Rocks is the same one we had in 2009. We had a wind generator at that time so this time we had to back up into the sun to get enough sun on our panels. It was a bit windy here also.
We took a day trip up to Baynard to get Bob's taxes done at the Library by the AARP people. He gets $27 back. It was his birthday present from the IRS. On the way up and back we ate at the Gateway Restaurant in Hurly. It was recommended by the tax man.

We geocached while waiting for the 10 am appointment. One of the caches took us to this Fort.
We went over a few rough roads and noticed a noise coming from the roof rack. The bracket broke and we found a welding shop. Noticed the other side bracket had a crack so they welded both of them.
Getting back to the state park we saw this snake on the road. Don't think it was a rattlesnake but they are out also.

We had a new neighbor when we got back. We first saw them at the winery, then followed them into Rockhound SP. This time we met them and spent a lovely evening visiting with Brent & Linda from Minnasota. They get away for a few months in the spring or the fall and we told them what not to miss in the 4 Corner's area. We also introduced them to Agavero. Our favorite sipping tequila.
The next day our friend Marlene moved into the site that Brent & Linda and Bob got the one next to her. More good times.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pancho Villa is a WINner

We returned to Pancho Villa State Park and a few days later the WIN's came and started their NMSP Sundowner. We all went to the Pink Store in Palomas, MX and joined the LOW's group there for the free maragita and lunch.

Another day we went to the two museums in town.  Saw this interesting tricycle.

Inside the state park is the museum that tells about the Pancho Villa battle.
Another day we drove up to the City of Rocks State Park to see friends. Along the way we saw this weathervane.

At the City of Rocks are lots of huge rocks with campsites mingled among them.

Our friends weren't there so we said "HI" in rocks on their doorstep.

Returning to Deming we geocached on back roads. Found this interesting little cemetery. No cache there but thought this tombstone was interesting.
 Of course, this makes us hungery so we stopped at the Adobe Deli. Huge lunches. Lots of leftovers.
Before we went on our journey we had breakfast at Martha's Cafe and this couple, Brent & Rita, who are from back east let us sit at their table and they came over in the evening for a great chat. They even invited us to park on their property above Almagordo. We may take them up on it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rocking Rockhound

On March 12th we moved to Rockhound State Park about 10 miles from Deming, NM for 10 days. We had lots of wind and we were rocking. The place draws rockhounds here and they hike up into the hills and look for special rocks. We just enjoyed the views.
While here Bob took apart Donna's computer and actually baked the mother board to restore the soder and now her computer works.
Nearby is another state park Spring Canyon and we found a geocache here at Lover's Leap.
Bob spotted this 1972 Daystar Motorhome near Deming. There were only 16 made and they sold for $70,000.

Making spaghetti one night Bob decided to use our toaster sideways to toast the Texas Toast we like with it.

About 35 miles east of us was a power trail of caches. 100 all together. We were getting them on average every 2-3 minutes.

 Spotted cattle along the way but not one building or car.
While here we heard about a new website for rver's called RVillage. We joined it and in one week they have garnered over 3000 members. 3 of the members, including us, were here and we had happy hour so we could met each other. Barbara is on the left of Donna and Robert & Diana were on the right.We now have more new friends.