Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sumner Summer

The day after Labor Day we headed south a little bit to another beautiful state park. 
We were greeted by a doe and 2 fawns as we entered.
We had a beautiful view of the lake out the windshield.
The deer liked our view too and came almost everyday right up to our motorhome.
We had a cactus right in front that was a cross.
 A double rainbow.
The big moon. Pretty flowers.
Nice neighbors, Mark and Mary.

We drove to Clovis/Portales to check out Oasis State Park. It's one we won't go to. SMELLS like it's in the middle of a feed lot. But of course we geocached along the way.
We stopped at the Windmill museum at the fairgrounds in Portales.

 Our last night we had a friend stop in for a visit. Doug Hubbard was on his way to Lakewood.
Diane and Bill we had met at the Elk's in Santa Fe came in that last day also and all of us went up to the Hideaway restaurant for drinks and the best 1/2# chili cheeseburgers.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Santa Rosa #2

August 21.
Our stay at Santa Rosa was hot. We first chose a campsite in the dry camp area like we usually do but the first day was so hot we ran our generator to run the A/C to keep cool. The next morning we moved to an electric site. It cost us a whopping $4 a day. But we did have a good view.

One day we took a drive to Sumner Lake to check it out for our next park. On the way home we decided to take the dirt road home. Pretty scenery.

 We stayed thru the Labor Day holiday then headed to Sumner Lake. We mostly read and stayed cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to Storrie Lake

We returned to Storrie Lake State Park on August 7th for a 2 week stay. When we arrived there wasn't anybody at the area we liked so we ended up with a beautiful site.
Donna had an appointment right after we got there with a dentist and she had an abscess tooth that had to be pulled a couple of days later.

We took a couple of day trips to geocache. This was on Johnson's Mesa. Cool at the higher elevation of 10,000 feet.
Along the way we got to see Hermit's Peak.

One day we returned to Mora and our favorite diner "Rene's 50's Diner" to meet Tony and Karl who were staying in Taos. Had a lovely visit.
We went to Peco's and drove route 63 up thru a valley to Cowles. Grabbed a few caches on our way back. There was a cloud burst on our way up and water was rushing over the roads and we really got muddy. But on the way back it was sunny and beautiful.
Another day trip was into the Santa Fe National Forest. We started at Bernal near Starvation Peak. Settlers were chased to the top and then starved to death. Hence the name.

On our way back we discovered this very small cafe for sale. But since we don't want to work we won't buy it.
 Our next stop Santa Rosa Lake.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Santa Fe Stay

We left our beautiful site at Abiquiu and headed south to Santa Fe. This was the river south of the dam of Abiquiu Reservior.
Nearing Santa Fe there is this interesting rock formation called Camel Rock. Across the street is the Camel Rock Casino.
While waiting for Bob's friend from Ohio we went geocaching. This was an interesting one. Donna spotted it from the car and Bob was standing right by it.
We stopped in the almost ghost town of Stanley for a cache called Stanley Ground Zero. It was a difficult one to find and we didn't.
 We looked and looked all around this house. There were many decoy caches.

 Bob's friend arrived and we went to breakfast with him and his sister Sandy.
After breakfast we went back down to Stanley with a clue given to us by the cache owner. We told them we were coming and after finding it quickly they invited us in and we had a wonderful chat for about 1 1/2 hours. They gave us clues for other caches we hadn't found on our way down so on our way back we cached and found almost 30 that afternoon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Forest Jeep Drive

We took a drive. It was on FR (Forest Road) 144. It went from Espanola west for 60 miles. We went as high as 10,946 ft up. Along the way we saw some beautiful scenery and found one geocache. It took us 4 hours and 8 minutes to go the 60 miles.

This was the view where the geocache was found.

 We could see the other side of the butte we see at our campsite and the lake were we are camped.

Many different rock formations.
We met a couple from Australia when we were eating lunch and they showed us an intesting phamplet about a road we hadn't seen so off we went. The scenery was beautiful.
 It took us to the Gillman Tunnels that were dug thru two mountains in 1920.
The road took us out near Fenton Lake State Park.
 The campsites are very small and the lake had scum on most of it.
As it was getting near sunset we were on the road back to our campground and witnessed this pretty butte just glowing in the sun.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Canyon Geocaching Trip

When we moved from Eagle Nest to Abiquiu we passed thru this beautiful canyon and we wanted to explore it more. We downloaded geocaches in the area and off we went.
 Along the way we watched the rafter's.
 We found rusty stuff, interesting signs and a museum full of antiques.
 Donna rested with a cool drink while Bob went exploring thru the place.
 Some geocaches where at pretty views and interesting things.