Monday, January 02, 2017

Years End 2016

We went out to visit friends parked off of Ogilby Road.
It was a day without heavy winds so Bob took his drone out.
Jim Cooper our KOFA pastor flew it.

The next day a WIN friend came for a visit. Richard Sturtz.

On the 17th the park had their Christmas Parade. The Golf Carts were decorated.
Since we don't own one Bob decided to decorate himself and ride his hoverboard.

Another WIN friend, Bob Magda came for a visit.

We had a Christmas Dinner. A feast, turkey or ham, mashed potatoes and dressing covered with gravy which Bob served . 
Donna's table was the last to be served and she headed for the desserts.

We went out to the VFW the day after to see our WIN friends and we went onto the BLM to see more of them. 
When we left Bob backed the Jeep into Mel's car.

Each Wednesday we went with the Boomer's to a movie and dinner afterwards.
We also did some Geocaching.  Played Pegs and Jokers with friends in our MH.

New Year's Eve found us at the clubhouse drinking and snacking.

Monday, December 12, 2016

More KOFA funtime

Our dentist, Pabel invited us to a party at his office in Algodones.
He blocked off the street, and had a Marachi band that was very loud.
Taco's were made and the beer and margarita's flowed.

The next day Glenda and Don Wick's arrived across the street from us.
We played Pegs and Joker's everyday and night.
Out with Boomer's for movies and dinner at the Crossings, too.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Clubhouse and we made dressing. 
Bob served up the gravy. 
The next day Donna put up the new Christmas Tree. All the ornaments didn't fit.

On December 1st we drove to Gila Bend and met up with Bill and Esther.
We gave them the wrong address and Bob's check was returned to them.
We met at the Space Age restaurant and had a nice visit.
We geocached on the way back at this old housing development that didn't get developed.

December 9th was our 11th anniversary of meeting in Quartzsite.
Bob treated Donna to a dinner at Red Lobster.

We got new neighbors and they hadn't been to Algodones so we took them.
We met Don and Glenda at the Q Casino and the 6 of us had a ball on
"Welcome Winter Visitor" day.

Tequila tasting, seeing our dentist for a hug and going to our favorite restaurant
made the day a lot of fun. 
Donna got hugs from the waiters and even danced with a young man she danced with last year.

Bob danced with Glenda too.

On the way home we took Jimmy and Julianne to Lutes Casino in old town Yuma.
Bob bought us all chili fries.

We mentioned to David, our waiter, that the day before had been our 11th anniversary so he brought us another treat.

 Bob bought this bike from Jimmy. Needs the exercise.

We also got an umbrella for shade on the back patio.

Bob never sits still so he added a lift to our last solar panel. Works great.

Back Home in KOFA

We arrived back at KOFA and our site on Nov. 1st.
Played Peg's and Joker's our first night at the clubhouse.

The next day was movie day with our Boomer Group.
Afterward we all went out to eat at Burger's and Beer.
It was nice to see our friends again.

We belonged to a Geocache Group and they had a breakfast one morning.

We had our dinette cushions reupholstered, bought a fire pit for the patio and many runs for meals.

                                      Several trips to Los Algodones, MX. Got our hair cut, teeth cleaned, medications bought, dinner and of course replaced the Agavero tequila we lost at the Canadian border. It was an hour wait in the heat to get back across the border. We park on the US side and walk over. Election Day had Bob glued to the TV until 1 am. Movie day again and we watched Jack Reacher and to dinner with the group at Hooter's.Then it was Veteran's Day and Bob got several free meals.First there was IHop for breakfast then it was Olive Garden for dinner.We went to the VFW to see some friends but most weren't there.
We did get to see "Handlebar" Jim and John.


    After the Vet's Donut at Kofa we went to town to meet our friends from Salem.  Esther and Bill Goodchild stay near Phoenix during the winter and came down  to see us and to go to Mexico.                       
            After lunch we came home and to visit with them. Then we watched the super moon.

The next day we took them to Mexico. Esther needed new glasses so Bob took her to the eye doctor's while Donna took Bill to the dentist. 
He ended up with 5 implants. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants until his appointment.

We sat out and watched the sunset.

We got a fire pit and enjoy sitting out by the flames with friends.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Quartzsite Stay

We sat around most every day and read in the shade of the motorhome.
It was cloudy most days but when the clouds had a hole in them they lit up the hills pretty.
In the evening there usually was a pretty sunset and we sat out and watched it then watched the stars.
This might have been a sunrise. Hard to know. The black at the top of the picture is the windshield. So since we were faced east this was a sunrise.

We contacted Shade Pro on a Tuesday to replace our awning. They came out on Saturday and we have our new awning. Only paid the deductible so it cost $125.

One day we went to Beer Belly's to listen to Joe Lonsdale sing. He asked Millie to sing also.

Our last day in Quartzsite we went and did our 4 weeks of laundry.
Then out to eat at Silly Al's for their delicious Meat Lover's Pizza.

After taking the laundry home, putting it away and relaxing we went back to town.
It was Halloween and Hot Country was singing at the Yacht Club.

Millie sang along for a couple of songs.
This was our waitress.

And was this a scary couple.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Catching up on catching up

We headed south from the Balloonfiesta grounds headed for Socorro and Deming, NM
Before we got to I40 on the south side of Albuquerque we decided to head west instead.
We found

Spent the night in Winslow and the Elk's Lodge again.
We went inside to pay "our rent" and have a drink and were invited to stay for a retirement party. 
The gentleman was retiring from the railroad.

The next day we checked into the 1000 Trails in Cottonwood. Enjoyed the relaxing and recovery from the Balloonfiesta. We stayed 11 nights and even though we visited Ron and Meridith in Jerome,  lunch with Barb Brady and went to the Moose and the Elk's for fellowship and meals, out to dinner several times and got our mail and Donna's ring resized we virtually just lazed around and read. Enjoyed the cliff view and the shade. And never even took a single picture.

When our time was up we headed to Avondale to the Moose Lodge for an overnight. We were suppose to get together with Esther and Bill from Salem but got our wires crossed. They went to the Moose Lodge in Apache Junction but we weren't there.

We headed out the next day and got about 20 minutes west of Phoenix and the awning decided to unfurl on it's own in a tailwind. Bob pulled over to the side of the interstate and we wrestled with it but we lost the awing on the side of the road.

We finally made it to Quartzsite and to our favorite area MM99. Yes, that's where we met.
The next two nights we went to the Yacht Club to hear Donny Miller sing solo.

We sat with Millie and had wonderful visits with her.

Most of our time was spent in the shade reading or flying Bob's drone.

We had Shade Pro out to look at our awning problem and after checking with our insurance company we ordered a replacement awning. Waiting for it's arrival.