Friday, June 24, 2016

Banff National Park

We left Calgary and headed to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
The highway was four lanes most all of the way.
 Very pretty formations.
We found an overflow parking area just south of Lake Louise and headed out to town.
Our first stop was Lake Moraine.

 The next was Lake Louise.

 These nice young ladies from MN & MI took our picture and we took theirs.
We finally reached our goal 2 hours later. Dinner in town. We both had Poutine. Bob's was spicy.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Calgary Zoo Day

We met Marshall & Marguerite when we were in Whitehouse at a restaurant.
They gave us their phone number and told us to call when we got to Calgary.
We did and they came and picked us up and took us out to eat. We had the best pizza ever.

The next morning we went downtown. Bob wanted to see the Stampede park and we think this is it.
 Our GPS was taking us in circles all over downtown so I guess you could say we saw it.

We then decided to go to the Zoo. 
Donna got her hug.
 Next was the penguin plunge. These were from Chili.
 They told us not to miss the Prehistoric area with the dinosaurs.
There were a lot of them and they moved and roared.
Bob wanted to know how modern paleontologist know how they sounded.
 Bob had to get his pic to prove he was there.
 Then we went to the Canadian Wilds where there were live animals.
Now it's time to go to dinner with Glenda and Don. We are leaving Calgary tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Heritage Park Day

The second day the Motorhome was in the shop we decided to go see something beside the customer lounge. We went to Heritage Park. There were bus loads of kids there so it was a bit noisy.


                                                               The Prince House 1894.

 Downtown was the Wainwright Hotel & Bar.
 The Drugstore had a pretty ceiling.
 Snooker is the pool hall. Men only.
 The children in the school house were singing the Canadian Anthem.
 The organist was practicing in the Catholic Church.
The minister would ride out and covered 150 miles to preach.
 Bob loved this eagle.
 And since he had been a fireman he had to stand by the firehouse.
 Donna checking out the Sod house.
 The Settlement was for the Indians and the early settlers, fur traders.
 We road on the train a lot to get around.

The first oil well in Alberta.

 We took a boat ride around the lake.


 Bob spotted an automobile museum.


While he did that Donna had ice-cream and sat with Jillian and her Aunt Alison.