Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Western Colorado

We headed west on I70 toward Grand Junction.
Along the way we knew we were back west when we could "SEE" our mountains.
 We parked at our friends Lee and Clay's home.
We went out to dinner to thank them for letting us stay on their side lot with 30amp elec.
 We have some other friends who live in Fruita about 40 minutes away.
Rellene and Ernie were in the WIN's and also camp hosted the ELK's lodge in Westminster.
They bought a place in Fruita but still snowbird to AZ. 

We visited with them for a couple of hours and then joined more friends Barb and Jim Denning for dinner in town. They were passing through and spent a couple of nights in an RV park there.

Another day we drove up to Grand Mesa.
We geocached along the way and discovered one here.
 Bob wanted to see Vega State park so we went to the Visitor Center and grabbed a cache and this picture here.
 Continuing into Grand Mesa NF we came upon hail on the ground.
 Many, many lakes. Too many to get all of the pictures.
Saw this deer.
 After the forest we head back "Down".
 We got a bit dirty, too.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dillon Lake

August 24th we left the Elk's Lodge and had one of our "longer" moves. All of 9 miles to Dillon Lake National Forest Campground. We chose "Pine Cove" where the better views of the lake are.

We most read and sat outside and enjoyed the views. Our last day the weather was calling for clouds and possible rain so we decided to take a day trip. Having never been to Breckenridge we headed there and beyond to FairPlay. The mountains were beautiful and passes high.

We drove all the way to Fairplay and couldn't find a restaurant there so headed home.
We checked out Yelp and found this one in the small town of Alma.
Everything there was "The Highest" including this Saloon. 

Green Mountain Lake

August 20th we moved to the Elk's Lodge in Westminster, CO. We chose an end site. Bob went shopping for Jeep doors. He wanted ones that had roll down windows. Came back saying he couldn't find the place. The next day with different directions he went and found it. Got doors but it took all day to get them changed out. He will get them painted to match later.
On August 22nd we moved to Silverthorne's Elk's Lodge about 70 miles away. We have stayed here before. We checked out the campgrounds at Dillion Lake. The next day there was a breakfast at the lodge and a couple we sat with told us about a beautiful lake with a waterfall on the other side of it so sounded like a great day trip. We had heard a lot of sirens the day before and found out that a young 14 year old boy drown in this lake "Green Mountain Lake".
We continued on to Lower Cascade Lake. The road was dirt and kind of rough. The NFCG were for tents only. The lake was beautiful and so peaceful. We sat at a picnic table and chatted with a lady whose son's were fishing along the lake but we couldn't see them.
 Nearby was this interesting shaped pine tree. 
 On the hike back to the car Donna spotted this. At first we thought it was a camouflaged tent so we took a picture an it was a rock with different colored mosses.
We continued on a huge loop but didn't take any pictures. Spent most of the day doing it. Went to Kremmling, Hot Sulpfer Springs, Granby, Winter Park then back to I70 and home.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wyoming Wander

On our way west we stopped for one last night in SD to see our friend Mike Isham. We parked at the Moose Lodge in Belle Fourche and he arrived when we did. Dinner out with him later and a tour of the area gave us a nice visit there. The lodge never opened so we couldn't give them a donation. 
The next morning we entered Wyoming.
 We parked at a commercial campground for two night and needed the A/C as it got to 100.
Our friends Rich and Judy met us for lunch then came back to the MH for a lovely visit.
 We moved to Douglas and stayed at the city park we have stayed in before. We had trouble with the engine cutting out several times. Planned to head for Casper to get it worked on. But plans are in Jello on a hot summer day. Thanks to Facebook we found our friend Denise and Jerry were south of us by a couple of hours so south we headed instead of west. Got new fuel along the way and haven't had any problems. Along the way we texted each other and arranged to meet at a campground in the Poudre Canyon National Forest in Colorado. They saved us a site and lead us in. We had two wonderful days catching up and just visiting.
A beautiful river ran past the backside of our sites.
 Donna gave Denise one of her needlework sampler to decorate their new RV.
 Bob and Jerry were bullshitting as usual.
 Where we were camped had NO cell service so we went into Ft. Collins to tour/taste the New Belgium Brewery. While the guys tasted Denise and I hit the computers.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our Domicile

We drove across South Dakota to Rapid City. Saw lots of crops including these beautiful sunflowers. Bob drove about 5-6 hours and we were checking out various places to park but didn't find them suitable so we ended up having a long day. Stopped at Murdo and stayed O/N at a commercial campground backed up to I90. We lopped off a huge branch getting into the site then it was a short walk to a nearby restaurant. Read in the evening as the tree prevented us getting the SATV.
The next day we continued on to Rapid City. After settling in at the Elk's Lodge with 50 amp electric and water we headed over to America's Mailbox. This is our mail forwarding service to be S. Dakota residents. In just a few hours we had renewed our license plates. We then went to the Firehouse Restaurant for dinner. We had been there before with friends John and Johnny Priest. It was good as usual.

The temperature was very warm while here so we decided to spend the day in the A/C car and toured Custer State Park. Saw some awesome wildlife.
 Then we drove past Mount Rushmore
 Bob wanted also to drive the Needles Highway. 
Lots of narrow tunnels.
After our dinner in the town of Custer we headed home and drove past the Crazy Horse Monument. Still being worked on. Hasn't gotten much farther than the last time we were here.
We went to visit John Priest while here. We met him through the WIN's. He is permanently a resident of Rapid City now and has a lovely condo. Had a wonderful visit. Thanks, John.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Are We Home? South Dakota

We have our driver's licenses & plates registered in SD. So are we HOME?
We settled in at a Corp of Engineer Park. We have been here a couple of times before. It is near Yankton and is the Cottonwood Park.
These are our neighbors.
We also had an infestation of mayflies.
One of the neighbors really had them.
We also saw this family.
So to get away from them and the heat we did a day trip to Mitchell to see the Corn Palace.
We also took a drive into Nebraska to see Bob's clown collection at the Klown Museum.
Then there is the REAL Clown.