Monday, July 27, 2015

Are We Home? South Dakota

We have our driver's licenses & plates registered in SD. So are we HOME?
We settled in at a Corp of Engineer Park. We have been here a couple of times before. It is near Yankton and is the Cottonwood Park.
These are our neighbors.
We also had an infestation of mayflies.
One of the neighbors really had them.
We also saw this family.
So to get away from them and the heat we did a day trip to Mitchell to see the Corn Palace.
We also took a drive into Nebraska to see Bob's clown collection at the Klown Museum.
Then there is the REAL Clown.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Three Days in Iowa

On to Iowa.
We moved to the Moose Lodge in Cedar Rapids. Had a lovely site.
And a nice happy hour both inside the Lodge and outside.
While here we went to the town of Anamosa to see the 
Bob took a lot of pictures and he chose these for the blog.
In our travels that day we ran across the "Bike Across Iowa" event.
We ate our dinner here in the "Colonies"

We left Cedar Rapids and headed for Marshalltown. We parked at the Moose Lodge there but it didn't look like it was still in business. 
We removed the car and drove to Gladstone to see the Matchstick Marvels Museum.
Can you see Bob in the picture above?
Yep, that's how big they are and they are made of 1000's of matchsticks.
He did the Twin Tower's for Ripley's Believe It or Not and it's in New York City.
We even met the man who does the work.
    His first one was a small church for his daughter. 
    Then she wanted him to do Pinocchio but he said it was curvy and couldn't be done. She kept begging him and finally told him Pinocchio was made of wood so he could do it and he did.
      The Capitol building was impressive. It's even got lights inside.

      The Battleship was impressive, too.
    On our way across the state we noticed a lot of the barns had a smaller barn on top.
      Our last night was spent in a Walmart parking lot in Fort Dodge. We went out to dinner, stopped by an Eagles Aarie for a couple of drinks where it was cool. Back at the MH we watched TV and called it a long trip across Iowa.

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    On to Illinois

    We drove clear across Indiana spending one night near the border of Illinois, then clear across Illinois until we reached the Mississippi River. We found a Corp of Engineer park, "Fisherman's Corner" near the Quad Cities as they are called. We had a beautiful view.
    We were parked near a lock and watched the big barges going thru them.
    The next day we drove the "Great River Road" on the Iowa side to Dubuque.
    We crossed this bridge over to the "Great River Road" on the Illinois side.
    We drove past Ulysses S. Grant's home.
    We had been told by our camping neighbors to be sure to stop at "Poopy's" restaurant so on the way home that's exactly where we stopped.
    It's a biker's paradise and the food was good too.
    After we ate we went back across the river to visit the "Picker's" Store.
     And to get the Geocache, of course.
     The next morning before leaving the area we toured "Buffalo Bill's Museum"
     To get the Geocache there.
     And to see the River boat "Lone Star".

    Tuesday, July 14, 2015

    Westward to Indiana

    After 6 wonderful weeks in Ohio we continued our westward trip.
    We spent one last night in Lima, Ohio at a city park we have stayed in before but unfortunately 
    this time we were unable to see Donna's friend Howard.
    The next day we crossed into Indiana.
     We stopped in Decatur at the Fleetwood plant.
    After 3 days we were brought in for 2 hours of work to replace all the slide seals.
     We continued on to Goshen, IN where we not only saw a couple of Amish buggies
     but some of Bob's cousins.
    One of them had a family gathering that we were invited to on the spur of the moment.
    We got another pontoon boat ride around the lake where they have a cottage.
     We went up to Elkhart so Bob could check out the Surplus Stores that were all closed but it wasn't a total loss as we got to see our RV Boomer friends, Luke and Judy.
    We went to the RV/MH Hall of Fame to find another friend's geocache that needed repaired.
    There was this neat rv combo in the parking lot.
     That afternoon it was very hot and muggy so we went to Carol and Roy's home (Bob's cousin) and played cards all afternoon in their air conditioned home.