Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lake Conroe, First Week

Nov. 12th we moved to Lake Conroe. 
The leaves are changing.
 Donna lived nearby before the lake. 1970-74.
We took a drive to find her house. The area is really big stores and businesses on a 4 lane road where it used to be just a small heavily forested 2 lane road. 

 The couple who bought it from her are still there. They invited us to visit them and took Donna on a tour of the inside. Changed a lot due to a flood and the rebuilding of the inside.

We went out to dinner several times with Greg & Jan. They are between us. The others were Gregg & Lynette and Arlene.
Greg is a very handy man and came to help Bob repair our electric after Donna put too much of a load on the system and virtually wiped it out.
 We took a day trip back to Livingston one day. Bob had some medications delivered at our mail service so back we went to pick it up. We geocached along the way and got 14. One was at this gun.
 One had been found back in July by our friends Swanie Jack.
 One was at this "BIG" hanging tree.
 It brought us to historic Coldspring.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rainbow's End

We headed to Livingston, TX where the longest street in the US is Rainbow Dr.
It is where our mail goes and since they have a couple of thousand customers we say it's the longest street.
We first drove the causeway/bridge across Lake Livingston.

The put on us a site where there were so many trees we couldn't watch ANY TV so we moved the 3rd day to this pretty site. Bob was on the roof replacing our air horn. We drove in circles all over town trying to find one and finally had to drive 30 miles to Cleveland to get it.
Pretty sunrise.
They had a social hour to honor all the Veteran's
We met a young couple at the ice cream social who along with there two children have just started rving. They left Charlotte, NC a few weeks back and are staying here to become residents of TX. They had a ton of questions so we invited Tom & Jamie to our home and proceeded to fill them in.
Bob worked on his honey do list. We went to town several times for shopping and meals. Same ole boring stuff, Huh!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Rain, Rain and more Rain

After our motorhome service in Waco we headed to Fort Parker State Park.
We had a beautiful waterfront site.
It rained for the entire 3 days we were there. About 2".

Saw some interesting tree formations.

Cabin fever got us out for a drive. Saw signs for a state historic site. So we went. It was basically a picnic area.

It cleared off finally and we could head to Livingston and to Rainbow's End. National headquarters for the Escapee's and our home address for our mail.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Bay Landing Side Trips

We spent our last week at Bay Landing geocaching, repairing, remodeling, meeting new people.
This was an interesting geocache place.
 How about this golf ball & tee water tower.
 We got new neighbors, George & Carlie. We invited them to go to "Yesterday's" with us.
 Another day we decided to take a trip to a Casino in OK. We got lost and it took us 138 miles to go 63 miles. We did see some pretty scenery and a couple of deer. We are impressed at the size of houses in Texas. Everything is bigger here.
 But I guess the mortgage must be "Big" too. Lots of for sale signs.
 We finally got to the casino. We played for about 2 hours until Bob lost his $20 and I lost my $10.
On our way home we stopped in Gainesville for dinner at Neu Ranch BBQ. We got there in time for the All you can eat BBQ for $5.99 each.

 Our last evening Bob treated us to dinner at Sweetie Pies in Decatur.
Great steak and an interesting baked potato (skin is greased in pine sap, cooked and wrapped in brown paper. The butter for it has cheese and other stuff in it. 
Again "big" refrigerator.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Decatur Day

We spent a day in Decatur, TX.
Of course it was to geocache and like we say caching takes us to places we wouldn't have gone to or know about. 
 Note how each "motel" room has a garage.
 All of this was made from petrified wood.

Off in the distance we saw the spire of this building. We went to see what it was.
 Of course there was a geocache there.
 The center of town is very historic. This is their courthouse.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


We escaped to Yesterday's. It was time for Trick & Treat at the park. We went into town to have lunch at a restaurant that always had a lot of cars parked there so it had to be good. The name of it is "Yesterday's" and it was all about the 50's. Rock and Roll music was played also. Really took us back to yesterday.

Donna got the "Biggest Little Sundae in Texas" as seen in the ad above the juke box.

Some of the waitress's were dressed for Halloween.
 Outside was a car show in the parking lot.

 We chatted with Angela and Joe in the next booth. They were there to show their car.