Monday, April 25, 2016

Up and Onward

While we were at the 1000 Trails we went to our neighbors happy hour/birthday party. 3 guys had their birthday that day. Bob included.
 After our 3 weeks in 1000 Trails we went up onto the hill. Got the best site there.
Loved watching the balloons daily come over our rig.

Donna finished her doctoring in Cottonwood.  Bob got his taxes done.
We went out to eat at the Moose Lodge a couple of times a week with friends. 

We moved to Winslow, AZ April 21st. Parked at the Elk's Lodge and drove the Jeep to Saint Johns to straighten out the deed mess from the sale of our lot in Concho last October. 

We moved further north the next day. Beautiful scenery thru Navajo and Hopi reservations but too busy looking to take pictures.

We arrived at the Elk's Lodge in Page April 22 for two nights.
We went out to the Canyon King Pizzeria which is Millie and Tex's paddle wheel boat they built in Moab and after the Colorado River grew shallower they moved it to Page and ran dinner cruises on Lake Powell for many, many years. It has now been made into this.

While here we got word that Jessica and Jason (Donna's granddaughter and her husband Jason) were in Scottsdale and told them to come up to Page, so they did. Met them at a restaurant and then enjoyed a visit and the margaritas at the Mexican restaurant down the street.

The next morning we met them for breakfast and took them back to the motorhome.

They left to go sightseeing we moved the motorhome out to Lone Rock and got this beautiful view.

Bob spotted our neighbors the next morning.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Onward North

                  We left Yuma after several parties. First there was Gary's 65th Birthday Party.
Then there was a St. Patrick's Day Party and a block party.

We moved to Quartzsite for the night and had this lovely site.
Our entertainment was this little fellow.
We then went out to visit our friends from Alliance Barb and Jim.
Glad we did too as they are going to Florida next winter so we won't be seeing them.
In the evening we went to the Yacht Club as Donnie was doing a concert. Only a few people where there. Millie was one of them. Great seeing her.

We continued on to Cottonwood and spent one night out on "The Hill" National Forest land with our friends Don and Glenda Wick. In the morning we could see the balloons overhead. 
We moved into the Thousand Trails on Monday March 21st. They gave us a site that had the electricity bagged so we aren't suppose to use it. That was fine with us as we wanted to test out all the new solar and batteries.

We went up to the "hill" as it's called every day for happy hour with the Boomer's and to play cards with Glenda and Don. One night their neighbor brought her monkey and it got real attached to Bob.

Our friend Brad McKay was there also and joined us for Happy Hours.

We went to Flagstaff one day to get another solar panel. Everything is working well.

Then there was Easter Dinner Pot Luck with 16 Boomer's.

While here we did our Doctoring with Nancy Pierce FCNP and Donna went to the Pain Clinic for some shots in her spine.

We had lunch one day with Sherry Sheets and Jerry over in Sedona. Elk's Lodge and Moose Lodge for other meals with friends.

Connie and John Parker came to the hill and 7 of us Boomer's went to tour "Out of Africa"

Bob got to pet an boa constricture.
And Donna got to meet the owner.

While here Bob had his hearing aids adjusted and they screwed it up so bad we had to make a loooong day trip to Algodones, MX. It was a 13 1/2 hour drive but we got to get more meds, liquor and a visit with our friends at Kofa on the way home.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Quartzsite to Yuma

Before we left Quartzsite we attended the Parker 425 Race. It starts with a display of the various race cars on the streets of downtown Parker.
Then on Saturday the race is on 425 miles thru the desert. Bob, Jerry and Phil got up early and were at the race before daybreak. Judy and I joined them much later.

Still in the boondock training mode for Phil & Judy we headed to Ogilby Rd. where the power parachute group were gathering. We enjoyed watching them fly especially at sunset.

Jerry and Denise had never been to Los Algodones so we escorted them over and toured town.
Have to go to our favorite restaurant La Parella.

While we were at Ogliby we were invited by these nice people, John & Nina to join them for breakfast at the Quchan Casino. We use RVillage when we relocate and they found us on it.

We moved into Kofa Ko-op on our lot so we could attend the Annual Meeting.

While there Bob got a new toy to play with.

It wasn't all play. Bob wanted to get new Lithium batteries for the motorhome.
Starlight Solar had them and Bob wanted to do part of the work himself.

So he built this box for them to go in.
He also got to do a lot of the wiring and bought a new convertor.

It wasn't all work and no play. 
We went out to eat with friends several times.

Our old friends from the WIN's went to Prison Hill Brewery.

To Los Algodones with Glenda and Don.

The Geocache Group went to Da Boyz Pizza. There were 90 altogether. 
Our table had a few of them.

The excitement wasn't over. We got locked out of the motorhome. The latch broke and all our things were inside and the windows locked. We keep a key hidden in a bay but it wouldn't work.
Bob and Bob Torgler worked on it and finally Bob had to use a circle saw to saw thru the bolt/latch to get us in. We ordered a new lock then Bob made a new bolt and had repair people help him install it. He'll keep the new lock for when that repair breaks.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

New Beginnings

While we were still in Yuma we continued to go to the movies and dinner with the Boomer's. Played cards in the evenings with Glenda, Don, Kay, Tom and our new friends Phil and Judy. We went to MX several times with Phil and Judy for dental, hearing aides and the usual stuff.

Donna went to lunch with the Boomer Ladies one day.

We got our 5000 geocache at the Peanut Factory.

On the 13th we headed out to Quartzite. Our first camping spot was "Boomerville". Our rig is the center one on the bottom. Phil & Judy parked next to us. 

We were very busy.
Two days we went to the Escapee's Happy Hour. Saw lots of friends.

Redmond Services had a free dinner and drinks. We met Wendy and Mike and took Phil and Judy.
We went to Silly Al's for great pizza and dancing.

We went to the Desert Bar for drinks and to show them around.
Then it was off to the Floating Bar for lunch. Rob and Linda joined us.

We did 4-wheeling with some of the Boomer's. Got a geocache here.

We moved from Boomerville to La Paz Valley Road for the Geocache Rally.
They arranged for a tour to an historic place. Geocaches there too.

We went to Millie's Hanger Party in Salome.

Then we went to the QIA to see our friends Tupe and Janey do their "Laughing Bird" show.