Saturday, July 19, 2014

Last Week at Eagle Nest

We went geocaching quite a bit this last week. Nearby is the Vietman Veteran's Memorial State Park. 
 Up a dirt road southeast of Angle Fire took us to this pretty view.
 There was a geocache (which we didn't find) at this shark rock.
We did see this pretty butterfly.
Another day took us to 10,000' and this beautiful meadow called Garcia Peak.
 We got a new humming bird feeder and we saw a new to us bird. A Rufus hummingbird.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Enchanting Day

We had a wonderful day exploring the "Enchanted Circle" here in NM. We first went for breakfast in Angel Fire then headed to Taos geocaching along the highway thru Taos Canyon. 

At Taos we stopped first at the Indian Casino where our friend Brad was parked. We went inside and gambled a little. Bob's restroom break cost him $10 but Donna won 59 cents.

We briefly stopped at Walmart for some non-perishable stuff and cooler clothes for Donna as it was a lot warmer on this side of the circle.

We continued up to Questa where we checked out the camping at Wild River's National Recreation area which has just become a National Monument. The Rio Grande Gorge is beautiful but the camping was mostly for tents or small units. It was also 16 miles from town.
 After our dinner in Red River we headed home and came across this huge herd of elk.

 Continuing on we could see Eagle Lake in the distance.
 Upon entering the state park we were greeted by this beautiful buck.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eagle Nest...week one

Our next State Park is Eagle Nest. It's one of our favorites. We have a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains.
 We love the flowers that are in bloom all around us. And watch the praire dogs and hummingbirds.
A day trip to Red River and the mountains beyond. Some pretty sites. 
Interesting cottages.

 Another day to an historic hotel for lunch in Cimarron.

The bar has bullet holes in it from gunfights in the old west days.
We took a side trip up a canyon thru Philmont Scout ranch and came upon this herd of horses.
A Win friend moved into the campground and Lois will be traveling with us for a while. Had a cookout one night in a hail storm. Brrrrr.

Friday, July 04, 2014

More Fun at Clayton Lake

We took a long drive on a very hot day to get out of the heat of the MH. Along the way we stopped at Gladstone. A couple of houses, a geocache and this mercantile. Bob got a belt buckle and Donna a couple of crocheted hankerchiefs. 
She wanted to buy a cowboy but he wasn't for sale.

 Saw windmills in the middle of the road.
Pretty sunsets.

We went to the street dance. 
 The parade.

 The turtle races.
 The boot races.
 The "mutton" race.
 Gave Mattie a pony before we left.
Our friends daughter & granddaughter.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Clayton Lake State Park

Came to Clayton Lake again. We where here in 2009 and had a wonderful time at the 4th of July celebration in town. Got almost the same parking place too. Dry camping on the point. We can see water on three sides.
 We even have a picnic table. We have nicknamed the Flintstone's table.
 One day we went on a drive along the Santa Fe Trail.
 The ruts can still be seen at this site.
We went geocaching and found some in 3 states. NM, OK and Texas.
At one spot we found a survey marker. This side of the fence where Bob took a picture of the Jeep was Texas. The side of the road with the telephone/electric poles was NM and the other side of the road is OK.
Donna had to you know "what" and she thinks with the wind blowing she managed to hit all 3 states.
Bob went to find a geocache inside this roadside sign.
Back home we had a pretty sunset.

 One day we took a hike out to the dinasaur tracks across the dam from where we are parked.
 Don't we blend in?
 Some interesting driftwood.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Raton/Sugarite State Park

No cell service so this blog is being written after we have already left Sugarite SP. We are now at Clayton Lake SP in the far northeast corner of NM. 

While at Sugarite we had deer visit several times. We are parked along the side of the road that leads to the campgrounds. We are on a small lake. Almost every morning we were woke up by birds banging on our window and squawking.
One day we took a long drive about 180 miles along the prairie to go to Point of Rocks. This was used as a way point & resting spot for those using the Santa Fe Trail.
 There were lots of long stretches,

Twisty trees.

A castle in the middle of nowhere.
 Even a ragged alpaca.
While we were there some of our WIN friends came by. Lois was parked by us and the rest came to her for Hugs in the morning. We got our fair share of hugs too. Thanks everyone.