Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friends are Roses.

We went to visit friends in Rose Hill, VA. They live way out in the boonies and Jack & Doreen came to the 4 lane road to lead us in. 
Most of the road was heavily wooded, one lane with many curves. 
Their house sat on a hill with commanding views both front and back.
 And we had a beautiful site. At night the fireflies were as many as twinkling stars.
 The view out their backyard looked over toward the Cumberland Gap. 
 They took us to the National Park.
 Where we climbed the short trail to Pinnacle Peak.

 They were wonderful hosts. Feed us and taught us many card games each evening.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Busy times at Raccoon Valley

On to Raccoon Valley Escapee Park above Knoxville, TN.
Penny & Joe Judge were nearby. Penny had to make a trip back to Salem so we didn't see her.
We met Joe for lunch and then he took us to Norris Dam.
There was a museum there that we toured also.

 Another day we went to Dollywood.
We first toured her motorhome she traveled in and the museum.

 Then it was off to a water soaking ride to cool off.
 We never dried off until we left.
Thought this was interesting.
 We took in a show where the warm up lady Miss Lillian the Chicken Lady had us in stitches.
 Then the entertainers were an awesome group singing lots of country songs through the years.
 On our way out we passed this pretty mill.
 The next day was also busy. We started with a tour of the Bush Bean Museum.
 Had lunch with Nancy & David who we met in the lobby.
 When we left there we headed to Gatlinburg thru the Smokey Mtns.

 Our reason to go there was to get some Moonshine.
When we got back we visited with Joe Judge.
Then at the campground we did some Moonshine tasting with Curtis and Suzanne.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Last of the Trace

We continued north on the Trace on Monday after the Allegro tour.
We crossed over this bridge on the Tennessee River. 
 We stopped at the Sunken Trace.
Then it was a stop at the Meriwether Lewis park. He died at this site in 1909 and is buried here.

Another quick stop was at the Tobacco Farm.
We left the Trace and moved to the Elk's Lodge in Franklin, TN south of Nashville.
Then the next day we went to the top of the Trace at mm. 444.
We drove under then on top of this double arch bridge.
 We headed south so we could go to some of the spots the motorhome couldn't go. We drove back to the Tobacco Farm.
There is only one section of the Old Trace that can be driven. It's 2 miles long.
Then there was a 900' hike to Jackson Falls.

 The next stop was at this house.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Big Loop

We did a big loop May 8th from the COE park. We first drove to Tupelo. After breakfast and some shopping and internet time we went to Elvis's Birthplace.
We then went to the Tupelo Auto Museum. Bob spent over 2 hours looking at all these cars, Donna sat in the lobby and did the last blog.
 Off to Red Bay and to the Allegro Factory. Since it was closed for the weekend we returned on Monday to do the tour before our next move.
 Installing a slide.
 Making trim.
 The chassis being wired.