Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Decatur Day

We spent a day in Decatur, TX.
Of course it was to geocache and like we say caching takes us to places we wouldn't have gone to or know about. 
 Note how each "motel" room has a garage.
 All of this was made from petrified wood.

Off in the distance we saw the spire of this building. We went to see what it was.
 Of course there was a geocache there.
 The center of town is very historic. This is their courthouse.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


We escaped to Yesterday's. It was time for Trick & Treat at the park. We went into town to have lunch at a restaurant that always had a lot of cars parked there so it had to be good. The name of it is "Yesterday's" and it was all about the 50's. Rock and Roll music was played also. Really took us back to yesterday.

Donna got the "Biggest Little Sundae in Texas" as seen in the ad above the juke box.

Some of the waitress's were dressed for Halloween.
 Outside was a car show in the parking lot.

 We chatted with Angela and Joe in the next booth. They were there to show their car.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Day in Ft. Worth

We spent a day in Ft. Worth with Donna's grandson JT and Chad. JT drove in all that horrible traffic.
We passed the Texas Motor Speedway and the boys told us that big black thing is the world's largest HD TV
Bob wanted very much to go to Billy Bob's. It's the world's largest Honky Tonk. Maybe because his name is Bob Bill?

Not sure if we are in Fort or Fart Worth.
A indoor bull ring.

A bar where they got Donna tipsy.
 Pool tables where we had fun.
 Then we went outside to walk around.
 Or sit.

 We watched the cattle drive.
A different kind of "Stock Exchange"
 Check out the flag pole.
 Everything in TX is big.
 We then went to the Water Park.
Water trickling down the wall.
The quiet pool.
 The misty pool.
 Chad & Bob went to the bottom of this pool.
 Introduced the boys to Zio's.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fort, Friends and Frogs

We met friends Ron & Sharon Mead at a halfway point. It just happened to be where historic Fort Richardson is. Jacksboro, TX. The fort was used to protect the settlers in the indian wars
While waiting for the docent to open the doors we took a drive around the state park and saw these visitors.

Once inside we saw a picture of an Indian who's name last name is Parker.

 The hospital.

After we left the fort we went for "Linner" at the Green Frog restaurant. Wonder why they call it that?