Friday, March 17, 2017

FMCA Rally Chandler, AZ

We left Quartzsite, AZ and headed to the Phoenix area. We stayed at the Avondale Moose Lodge for a few days. Getting ready to go to the FMCA Rally a four day event at the Wild Horse Pass Casino at Chandler,AZ. The parking crew was at a loss as where to park us so we ended up in a huge parking lot three miles from the main event. But they suppled buses to transport us to the Main event.  
Frustrated Maestros were playing every day for coffee and donuts 

The event was held at the Rawhide town part of the Casinos grounds There were lots of vendors and several RV dealers. If you needed a new rig this was the place to get one. I bought Silver Leaf engine diagnostic system for the 330 Cat power plant. Then I had to buy a PC tablet to be able to see the read outs. Then I had to find a way to mount it to  the dash so I could see it going down the road. Works good for now.  Several years ago I bought a chip for the engine but have never had a way to set the chip for better fuel mileage. In just two drives of several miles I have got it set and brought the mileage up by over 2.5 gal per mile. Wow. 

We left the rally and moved to Apache Junction, where we met up with Esther and Bill from Salem,Ohio I worked with Bill at GM and know him all the way back to high school. They were there to pick up Jan from Salem she was going to travel with them for several weeks.
They had several plans for her and one of them was to see the Desert Bar so I talked them in to making a long day trip to Parker, AZ and make the loop back to the Elks. What a day they made of it left at 7:00 am and got back at 9:00pm but she loved the sites and to top it off they stopped at Silly Al's for pizza.

We had a great view out our window. The Superstitions Mountains with the sun set falling over them 

and then the Moon rising life can't get much better. 

While there we had to get our Arizona drivers license and plates. We needed to become Arizona residents for several reasons, we vote there and own a lot in Yuma.

One day I notice a guy painting a car as he was leaving I ask him if he could paint the doors on the Jeep. I have had several quotes in Yuma  all were over $500.00 just for the doors He quoted $200.00 so the next day he came back and did the doors.


Looks a lot better one color. We were talking to Phil the RV repair guy and he was talking to Donna about a  hand doctor in Scottsdale, AZ that fixed his wives thumb so Donna made a appointment. This is a clinic just for hands we went and the doctor look at her fingers with a very cool x-ray and told her she was too far gone for simple treatment her only option was joint replacement a very long procedure.   

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