Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 11, Saturday morning we got the rig readied to move then went shopping and out to lunch. We got tickets to the Folklore Preserve and saw a one man show on Wyatt Earp. The actor was Wyatt’s great, great, nephew and was the spitting image of him. It was very interesting. We then hooked up and headed to the SKP park in Benson. That evening there was a Bluegrass band we enjoyed. Sat with 2 Wins friends Myra and Dale. During intermission Liz, the owner of Wins mother, introduced us to Jane who is responsible for 7 people doing our rafting trip thru the Grand Canyon. Nice to put a face with the name.
March 12, Sunday. We woke to real cold weather. Snow on the truck. We bundled up and headed to Tombstone. To see it while it was open. There was lots of action. Hangings and gunfights. I did a couple of the tourist traps that Bob had done last fall while we wandered in and out of gift shops. We went to Big Nose Kates again for a warming libation and to listen to the music. It was fun watching people to garb out in costume and pose for pictures. Ladies in boas and guns and whiskey bottles sitting atop the piano and men with the costumes waitresses, hanging nooses and in a coffin saying “I got laid at Big Nose Kates”.
On the way home again we went cross country and saw some beautiful rock formations. The map showed a loop back to Benson but we came upon a ranch with signs saying we would be shot for trespassing so we backtracked out of there.
March 13, Monday. Snow on the mountain tops but a beautiful sunny day. We drove to the Chiricahau National Monument. Everybody said not to miss it. It was a beautiful park. Lots of balancing rocks and rock formations. We went on a hike out to Echo Canyon. Snow on the ground. Bob built me a snowman. Awwww! Back at the park we found Roberta and Jerry as next door neighbors.
March 14, Tuesday. We moved to a casino south of Tucson. On arrival there we met 4 other Wins and just after our arrival they left but another friend from Solos arrived. He was our neighbor at the Quartzsite gathering and Bob and he quickly got into the computer thing. Bob has been wanting to create a site for our travelog and pictures so now there is one. Those who have access to a computer (not just pocket mail) can now read and see our travels at That evening we went to the buffet @ the casino. We decided to stay and play the slots. I won $6 and also taught Bob how to play the game.
March 15, Wednesday we toured the Titian Missile Museum. It is the only one still in existence and we went down into it. Very interesting. The destruction those missiles would have created was mind boggling. I got teary eyed just thinking how close we came to mass inlienation of our world as we know it. Thank God we never got into THAT situation. We then headed for San Xaviour Mission. It was getting late so we did have Indian Taco’s from a vendor there and ate it at the tailgate before driving to pick up my motor home and deliver it to La Mesa for the minor repairs. A trip across the street to Camping World was in order as Bob wanted to get another box for the truck to store our kayaking and camping equipment. Back at the casino we ate supper then went over to the casino. Bob is getting good. He won $11 and I blew my $5 in about 10 minutes. He gave me a dollar of his winnings and we both played for about 40 minutes on a dollar each. 1 cent machines and poker. Fun evening.
March 16. Thursday. Hung around the rv waiting for La Mesa to call. Bob installed the box in the truck and worked more on the website. I sat outside and got back into doing some embroidery. A pillow top in the colors of my rig. Doesn’t work for Bob’s rig so we will have to either get a new rig together or I will have to rip out the colors and do them in a more neutral color. The cheaper is to rip out. :)

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