Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 5 2006
We arrived at Lake Roosevelt late Friday afternoon March 24 and located the WINS group , however, all the sites were taken. The National Forest (no forest just cactus and mesquite bushes) opened another section of the park and we located a site where we both could park on it. On Saturday while the rest were playing (kayaking) we organized both rigs. Took everything out of Bob’s outside storage bays, checked all of mine and decided what we wanted to take. Then into the inside of mine to transfer all we felt we would need and took all food stuffs. Bob in the meantime was transferring over to my outside bays things he wouldn’t need. We went out to dinner that evening with the group.

The next morning we took a hike. First we had to drive about an hour up roads where only 4X4’s were allowed to go. Lots of cattle along and on the road. We then hiked almost 2 miles back, ate a little snack or lunch then headed back. During the last two weeks sometime there was a heavy wet snow and there were lots of deadfall to try to get around. Back at the campground the mass exodus of weekend campers had left so we quickly located sites nearer the group and moved both rigs. We had a potluck dinner with the gang then rested.

The planned kayaking trip on Monday was postponed due to an iffy weather outlook. We opted to organize the computer area then we along with Jack took a drive over AZ 88. It was one of the most scenic roads. Very reminiscent of the Grand Canyon but, of course, in much smaller scale. There were lovely lakeside campgrounds and we marveled that anyone would take an rv down there. The roads were dirt, narrow, switchback and steep. We stopped for lunch, a hike and a tourist town, Tortilla Flats, with only one restaurant, ice cream shop, 2 room motel and gift shop. There was a country western band playing so the guys had a couple of beers and we listened to the music. Jack had been white knuckling the trip, Bob needed the break from driving it and I needed to buy a t-shirt and get out of the hot sweat shirt I was wearing. At this point we had driven 23 miles in 4 hours. The dilemma was should we go back the way we came or go 100 miles the other way. We opted to go the long way as it was the quickest. Only an hour and a half. We came across more nice campgrounds and a Goldfield Mine tourist town. We had passed thru the Superstition Mountains where the Lost Dutchman goldmine is. It is still lost. We didn’t find it. We concluded it was under water since we passed by 2 dams that have made 2 beautiful lakes. We got back just as the group was finishing the potluck leftovers so visited with them awhile.

Again the weather wasn’t cooperating on Tuesday so everyone went off and did there own thing. Bob and I continued to organize and put away. We actually located the couch and filled a bag and a half with throw away papers. Now that everything is organized Bob suggested we move it all to my motor home as it is easier and quicker to move. J After lunch we went to the visitor center and located the cliff dwellings. We will go back. The weather was threatening rain and it did just that. This evening the group had a delicious stew cooked in Dutch ovens. All of it was eaten and we had cookies for desert.

Wednesday we hiked to 4 Peaks. Up in the snow. Not much snow. Hiked about an hour and had lunch. The views of Lake Roosevelt were awesome as was the road it’s self. Another of the 4X4 type narrow roads. In fact, one turn was so tight they put in a loop that you drove around a small hill in a circle so you could then be lined up to make the turn without doing a back and forth several times.

Thursday we packed up our things and went on an overnight kayaking trip. After we launched the kayaks we paddled a couple of miles to a boat access campsite. There we set up our tents. 7 of us spent the night. My new tent turned out to be a 2 kids tent instead of a 2 man tent. The foot part narrowed down to about one foot and we had to sleep with our feet on top of each other. The turning was a joint effort. The ground was hard despite the pads we had bought. Then the side walls started to get moisture on them so Bob had to remove the rain fly. What beautiful stars there were. Enough about the sleeping accommodations. The scenery was incredible and was a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. We took lots of pictures so look for them on our Blogsite.

Back at the campground the next afternoon the group went out to dinner for a fishfry. We had our final goodbye Saturday morning at our usual hugs and mugs then headed to Phoenix. We went to the Moose Lodge at Glendale and lo and behold next door was the storage facility we put my motor home in for the summer. Did the final chores to equip it and made the arrangements and in it went. Out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant for prime rib, a drink at the lodge and then home for a well deserved rest.

Sunday we went back to the Mexican restaurant for a delicious breakfast burrito and then we went shopping for the camping equipment we would need on kayaking overnights and 4x4ing overnights. It took us two days to find it all but we got a BIGGER tent, two sleeping bags that aren’t mummy and zip together. A small propane cook stove, water purifier equipment, nesting pots and pans, etc, etc, etc. In the evening the lodge had a pot luck dinner and karaoke. We danced a little. Some of the singers left a lot to be desired and it didn’t make for great dancing.

Monday 4/3 afternoon we left Phoenix and my motor home and headed to Congress to an Escapee park. We are trying to find a happy medium. Not too hot in middle and southern AZ and it’s too cold yet to head to northern AZ. So we are killing a little time before we really start our summer travels.

Bob and Donna

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