Saturday, May 27, 2006

May 18 06 Moab Utah

Moved to Moab to BLM land for FREE camping. We are about 18 miles northwest of Moab with a nice view out two sides. Breezy just enough to compensate for the 94 degree weather. No air conditioner as we are boon docking. So far this month we have spent $20.50 for camping fees.

We took a drive to the Canyonlands Island in the Sky area and as we went past the visitors center Bob recognized a motor home of a fellow he had never met but he had been reading his blogsite. We followed him right to his campsite and then sat and visited with him for over an hour. He took our pictures and we are on his blog now.  We then went back into town for dinner and a movie. We saw RV with Robin Williams. FUNNY!

Friday we got up early and saw the beautiful sunrise out the bedroom window. Bob went up on the roof and hooked up the internet dish while it was still cool out. Then we got invaded by about 20 ATV’s and dirt bikes. Back to town for errands and for Bob to get the Chevy dealer to check out what might be happening to the truck. They did a diagnostic test and instructed him to use a different gear when we do the 4 wheeling slow stuff. They figure it was carboning up.  We drove the Canyonlands portion we are near called Islands in the Sky. We watched a car take one of the canyon dirt roads from Dead Horse State Park to Canyonlands and come out a series of steep switchbacks. Later when  we got to the end at Grand View we actually met the man driving. We stayed and watched the sunset and it was the best we have seen in a long time. It lasted for more than an hour. Look for the picture.

Saturday we hung around home in the morning then headed to town. At 1 pm we checked in for our kayaking trip and what a beautiful trip it was. The river is in the spring runoff from the snow on the nearby mountains so was really flowing. That is why we opted to go with an outfitter. We are novices so didn’t want to take chances. It was an 11 mile trip thru a red rock canyon. The current was running 7-10 mph, however the winds were blowing us back at about the same speed several times at bends in the river. Bob and I were in a 2 person kayak and I was glad because it took both of us to move the kayak at times. It wasn’t like that for many times thank goodness so we got to sit back and let the river do it for us. After the trip we had supper in town then back at our “home” we watched the sunset with a nice relaxing drink.

Sunday we did two driving trips in the area. The first was in the canyon south of Moab along the Colorado River until we were below the Dead Horse State Park. We retraced our trip out as Bob didn’t want to do the switchbacks that we watched the other man do last Friday. Back to Moab and then we drove the LaSal Loop road which took us to almost 9000 feet above the valley into the La Sal mountains. We saw a waterfall and some very pretty vistas from that high up. Back down off the mountains we traveled again thru the canyon along the Colorado River this time east of Moab. When we got back to Moab we went to the grocery store for milk. Spent $83. That was an expensive ½ gal of milk.

Monday we awoke to cooler weather and left early for Arches Nat. Park and ended up spending 7 hours there. We drove every paved road and one unpaved. Saw about 20 arches, hiked at 4 different places and just had a grand time. Bob had never been here and when I was here in July of 2001 it was too HOT to do most everything. My husband stayed in the trailer in A/C as he was not well and I tried to see as much as I could given the heat so really enjoyed seeing and doing so much more this time around. When we left we headed home and couldn’t get any power to go up the hill so Bob turned around and we went back to the Chevy dealer. He didn’t shut off the engine and they ran a diagnostic test on it and discovered a problem this time. They reprogrammed the computer and we are to do some more off roading to see if the problem reoccurs before we leave town. Back at the ranch we arrived just as a dust storm with real high winds 50 mph kicked in. The slides were out and two of the slides on the wind side were actually tipping in about an inch at the top. Needless to say we quickly shut the windows and brought those 2 slides in. After dinner the wind died down and we were able to put them back out.

Tuesday we hiked 5 miles round trip to see Morning Glory Arch at Negro Bill’s Canyon. At the end was where the canyon ended and there was a crack in the wall about 4” where the water was coming out to form the head of the creek. Back at Moab we ran a lot of errands then started home. The truck died again so back to the Chevy dealer. They gave us a loaner car and then after drinks and dinner we went to the movies and saw the DiVinci Code. 2 movies in 1 week. That is a record since I have only seen 2 movies in the previous 8 years.

Wednesday was an early morning hike with a ranger at the Arches NP. We did Fiery Furnace. The hike was listed as moderately strenuous. Bob helped me a lot. We had to jump 2’ cracks, duck walk with one foot on each side of a crack in narrow canyons. Walk with feet on one wall and hands on another. 3’ high steps up and down. Luckily we had many stops to listen to the ranger so we were able to rest for the next big adventure. It was a 3 hour hike. Afterwards we went to town, got lunch and then the truck back. It was the fuel filter again. They were a great group and Eric was super. We even met him at the local watering hole a couple of times. We then took off on a dirt road with very steep switchbacks and narrow roads. Came to one area where a huge rock had fallen and was leaning against a cliff. We had to drive under it and Bob let out an expletive thinking the kayaks would have to come off but we made it which was good as backing up would have been very scary.  We then finished up touring the Canyonlands NP.

Thursday we packed up and left Moab. You will have to check our next blog to find out where.

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