Monday, May 15, 2006

May 5th Bryce Canyon

Friday was moving day. Moved up to Bryce Canyon. We parked about 4 miles north of the park at a free spot I read about in one of our boon docking logs. Met up with some friends and we had lunch and dinner and a nice visit with them before they left Saturday morning. We are at an elevation of around 7-8000 feet and the temperature this morning was 25 degrees. Brrrrrr

Saturday we did a 3.5 hour horse back ride into Bryce Canyon. The scenery was awesome. Bob had been here before but did the short ride while on my last trip here I did this ride but with rain, hail and sleet I didn’t get to see much. So this ride was perfect. We watched the sunset later in the day and it was awesome too.

Sunday we took off to check out the road we want to leave on and Bob spotted a dirt road that intrigued him. It took off over a mountain to the town of Escalante and since we were so close I suggested we drive RT 12 so he could see the incredible scenery, 18 percent grades and breathtaking narrow road called the Hogback that has drop offs of 1500 ft on both sides. Needless to say we are not towing the rig across it to go to our next National Park. On our way home we stopped at Kodachrome Basin State Park and to Grosvenor’s Arch. It was about a 175 mile and 8 hour day but there was some awesome scenery. We followed that up with a sunset at Inspiration Point.

Monday we went into Bryce and hiked for 3 hours on the Navajo/Queens Garden trail. Afterwards we drove the full length of the park and then on our way back pulled off at all the scenic stops. Tons on pictures were taken. A light sprinkle along the way but that didn’t deter us.

Tuesday morning we woke to a typical OHIO day. GREY. We had planned to go hiking so instead we did laundry. Always a good thing to do on a cloudy day. By the time it was done the sun was out so we went for a drive to Panquitch for fuel. $3.299 for diesel there and $3.429 at Bryce. But we wanted to take a drive again thru Red Canyon. On the way back another of those dirt roads called Bob’s name and away we went. About half way thru he decided to let me drive and do the 4 wheeling thing. Not bad but when I got out on the main road and gunned it, it didn’t want to accelerate so it looks like he has to change the fuel filter before we can tow.

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