Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 20 06 West Yellowstone, MT

We left Yellowstone on Tuesday morning. Arrived just outside the west gate and went to a national forest park that I have stayed in before. Bob found a wide open campsite so got internet right away but for some reason he couldn’t get the SATV. We are “resting”, Bob calls it our vacation from our vacation. Really, it’s catch up on household chores we have put off for 2 months. We have a long list so may be here several days. We are just 3 miles north of the town of West Yellowstone so can run in for needed items and eureka, we have cell service without driving 20 miles to get it. Hope to get some kayaking in as we are on the Madison River. Had a nice campfire in the evening.

Wednesday we took everything out of the outside storage compartments and the truck and reorganized to make it much handier. Bob removed the box and propane from the back rack intending to paint it but we never got around to doing that. We will probably have a little yard sale while here. In the evening we went to our neighbors for their campfire and storytelling.

Thursday was another day spent working around the house except we took it easier. I went into town and got propane and groceries while Bob painted the rack on the back of the trailer. After I got back I washed out the bed of the truck. It was full of debris from hauling the wood we found along those back roads. We are now burning the wood and enjoying our campfires.

Friday we took a day off from the chores. Got an early start after having breakfast in
W. Yellowstone and drove a very scenic highway to Bozeman. WALMART at last. Got a few things there then Bob went looking for a spotting scope and more powerful lens for his new camera. Now we can see the whites of the animals eyes. We also got the truck it’s O&L and then went across country on a dirt road and headed for Chico Hot Springs where we took a wonderful hot dip for an hour or so. Back on the road we headed for Yellowstone Nat. Parks’ northern entrance stopping in Gardener for our dinner. Going thru Yellowstone we spotted the usual bison, bull elk with huge antlers and the male bald eagle. We stopped to use the new equipment. Wow.

Saturday and Sunday we took kayak trips after doing a few chores around the trailer. The trip was about 2 miles near the campground. When we got off the river we checked further down and found we could have gone into Lake Hegban so on Sunday Bob had the camphost follow him and bring him home after parking the truck 6 miles down river. We floated about 4 miles or so down the Madison River. Hardly paddled the currant just took us. When we reached the lake we had to paddle but it was smooth going and there were lots of birds to look at. Blue Heron, osprey, and many species of ducks with babies. I never knew they had so many. Bob counted one mama with 11 babies.

Monday we went back into Yellowstone to see Old Faithful Inn. When up at Bozeman I picked up a newspaper that said the Inn was reopening today and as that was the only thing we had missed out on we went back. We also had made arrangements to meet friends of Bob’s that he met in Maine last July at Baxter State Park and they had gotten him interested inn kayaking. We had a lovely lunch at the Inn then took a walk around the geyser area. After which we got a soft drink and sat out on the front porch of the Lodge and visited and watched Old Faithful for the 5th time. We had a great visit with Al and Lynn from Bluffton, SC. Back at W. Yellowstone we stopped at the Imax theater and had a delicious ice cream cone before watching the film of Yellowstone. At home we built a roaring campfire. All for this week……

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