Sunday, June 11, 2006

May 30 06 Flaming Gorge

We left Dinosaur Nat Monday and moved about 70 miles north to Flaming Gorge national recreation area.. Found a lovely site high on a bluff overlooking the lake which was formed when they built the dam in 1964. When John Wesley Powell mapped the Green River on his way to the Grand Canyon it was a much different place with steep canyon walls of red where it got it’s name. We took a short drive down to the visitor center at the dam and picked up some brochures and maps of the area. Then drove toward WY as we had heard the way got steeper . We came thru some steep switchbacks on our way here, so needed to check things out. Bob’s brakes were smoking so we have to get them checked when we get to Rock Springs.

Wednesday we drove over to Manila on the other side of the lake. Our camp host said that way was even steeper for when we head north. He was right. Along the way we stopped at Red Canyon Rim. The viewpoints were awesome. At one place there was a herd of 9 mule deer. The snow covered mountains were beautiful against the nearby red canyon walls and beautiful blue water far below. Lots of green here with pondarosa pine, douglas fir and juniper. On the way into Manila we spotted 5 big horn sheep along side of the road.  At Manila we stopped at the only restaurant in town and had nice conversations with the patrons including one who stays at Yuma in the winter. Small world. On the way back home we took the Sheep Canyon Geologic loop where we could really see how these mountains were uplifted eons ago. Just awesome. As Bob says this must have been quite a place to be back then. We also stopped at Swett Historic Ranch. Quite a story of one man and his family homesteading here for over 60 years using horsepower only. They never got electricity until after the dam was built in 1964.

Thursday we went kayaking in the late morning for about 4 hours. There was a short canyon that went under the bridge as you approached the dam. At the end was a small creek entering in with a small waterfall/rapid. We got out on a small island and sat on the kayaks for our lunch and watched the birds and chipmonks. Very peaceful. Back at the camp another relaxing afternoon before our evening fire.

6 2 06 Flaming Gorge Part 2
Friday was moving day. We moved 60 miles north to the Wyoming portion of Flaming Gorge. The campground is so completely different than where we were. At the south end we were in a pine forest and now we are in high desert with sage brush and just an occasional tree, our site has 2 small ones. There are very interesting shaped buttes around us and lots of pronghorn antelopes. All the sites are doubles meaning 2 campers per site. We took up one whole double with the trailer on one side and the truck in the other. But that is no problem as we were the only ones here until 8pm when 2 other campers came in. The nearest couple were young people traveling in a tent. She came over and asked if we had a couple of dollars so they could make the rent. I gave her the money and then they came over and brought us a 2 gallon jug of water, a dozen oranges and a bunch of Ghirradeli chocolates. We invited them to sit at our campfire and gave them a marguarita. Like I said we always meet such nice people.

Saturday we went into the city of Rock Springs. We will not be near a Walmart for the next month so decided to do our major shopping here. We got our mail at the post office and Bob made an appointment for Monday at 8 am to get the truck’s brakes checked. We also went out for lunch and I made lots of phone calls being the weekend rates and neither of us have cell service at the campground. Great we can communicate via the internet.

Sunday morning was spent working on chores. Bob adjusted the breaks on the trailer and plugged holes underneath that might be the entrance for our mice friends. 2 in 2 nights and we still have one left. Setting plenty of traps tonight. Will let you know in the next installment as tomorrow is moving day after getting the truck looked checked in the  morning.

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John, Sandy Cunningham said...

Enjoyed reading about your travels and seeing the beautiful pics. Looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Miss Donna.