Friday, April 06, 2007

Sedona/Cottonwood 2007

On Wednesday we relocated to National Forest land between the two towns. We were here last year. You can check what we did then in the archives. We are with the WINs. About 20 again. I have a bad cold, even lost my voice. We have done most of what the group is doing so I can recover while here. We did a major shopping trip to Walmart on Thursday. Bob got a new hand held GPS and has played with it some. He went geocasheing on Saturday and found two of them. One had a traveling bug in it so he is having WIN friends take it to Alaska next month.

Bob went on a hike with the group. He said it was beautiful and we will do it when I am well. Every morning balloons fly over us. They would land here but there are too many rigs here.

Sunday was Easter and also Bob's birthday. We had a ham dinner pot luck, it was in the middle of a wind storm so we left the food in one rig, got our food and had a lot of "paprika" added when we went outside to eat. But we figured as kids we all ate a lot of dirt and we are just kids again. Then 17 piled into our rig for cake and ice cream and to celebrate Bob's birthday.

On Monday 8 kayaker's did a 10 mile stretch of the Verde River south of Verde Valley. I was a transporter of 3 of the people. While they were on the river I killed time at Castle Casino, spent $5 and came out with $6.77. While on the river Bob crashed into some rocks avoiding another kayaker and split the hull on MY kayak. So looks like I won't be doing any kayaking until after it's repaired. But just to make up for that loss we went to dinner at the Elk's Lodge in Sedona and won $52 in a card raffle.

Tuesday we all went over to Gretchen's, a Win who lives in Sedona.

We took a hike up to Cathedral Rock. Some went longer than others. Bob went all the way but I turned back as I am still feeling a tad under the weather. In the evening we went to Chuck's and played Pegs & Jokers. Bob was learning and I was refreshing.

Wednesday was a variety of activities for the group, siteseeing, 4 wheeling etc. We had to stay home for the awning man to put our new window awnings on. Bob ran to town for mail and banking. In the afternoon we had the gang over for circle and a soup dinner/birthday party for the April Win birthdays. It is blowing sand again with 40mph gusts. Played Pegs & Joker's again and Bob won. Guess he learned good.

Thursday still blowing. We went to town and got 2 new tires for the Susuki. Everyone is waiting for the weather to clear up before heading in various directions. A few of us have left and about 5 of us are heading to Page.

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