Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hill Country of Texas

To clarify, we just noticed that our blog said our location was Afghanistan. We thought it was a joke from Sharon until Donna was playing around with the computer and did a search on yahoo only to find our blog listed there, saying we were located in Afghanistan. It has been corrected and we are from the US now.

Kerrville, TX Elk's lodge is our home for this week while we explore the hill country. And it sure is hilly. We took a day's drive west and south of the town and saw a replica of Stonehenge
and the Easter Island Moai.
Saw this neat fence with cowboy boots on every post.

The drive was pretty along the Guadalupe river. We ate lunch at Bandera and looked at the old houses at Comfort.

The next several days Bob decided to work around the rig making modifications. He added these two baskets to the bay for more storage.
And the 4 cake pans under the dinette table for drawers for the "junque" that is usually cluttering up the top of the table or the seats.

After working we would go out socializing. Met some nice people camped here and partied hardy. The lodge had hamburgers for dinner one night and a group of other Discovery owners having a gathering nearby joined us here. There was dancing to a very good country band. Went to visit some "SKP Boomer's" who contacted us thru the Internet and invited us for dessert and drinks one evening. Never a dull moment no matter where we are.

Another day a trip to Fredricksburg and Luckenbach was enjoyable. German food and shopping, a few jokes at Luckenbach and meeting another nice rving couple.

The bar is in the back of the post office..
Downtown Luckenbach...

Was this the stage that Willie and Waylon performs on?

Our last day at Kerrville was spent kayaking on the Guadalupe River which runs thru town. We accessed the river at the Kerrville-Schreiner State Park which is now run by the city. While on the wide, almost lake portion of the river we found a small side stream and went up it as far as we could chasing a blue heron and little turtles.
In the evening we again met with the Discovery people at the lodge. We leave Kerrville behind in the morning and head for the Wurstfest in New Braunfels.


Randy & Diana said...

Wow, you guys are doing some fantastic stuff. Love the picture with the cowboy boots.
Tell me how the cake pans work under the dinette. Do they slide in and out? How??? Inquiring minds want to know.


roamingbarbara said...

When I was driving across Texas a few years ago, I read about that Stonehenge replica and had to find it. After a couple of u-turns and asking the locals I finally found it. But I don't remember the Easter Island head. Could it be new?

It's a shame all those cowboys lost their boots, but it makes a great picture.

We want to know about the pans too. Very clever.