Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Rest of the Stay at Port A

Tuesday was hot but Bob managed to get up on the roof and modify the solar panel tilt mechanism so he won't have to use a wrench each time. It is getting to be that time of the year where the sun isn't at the right angle to give us the maximum energy unless the panels are tilted. Mike made a smoked brisket and again we had another huge meal. Ron and Liz from Salem Ohio had just arrived for the winter and along with the neighbors and the relatives there were 11 of us for dinner.

We all went into Rockport on Wednesday to meet the others for a big feast of all you can eat shrimp. Had a great visit with everyone.

"Off the Hook" sits right on the water and this is the view out the window .

Wednesday night we had a "Northr". That's Texas talk for a cold front. We had a brief thunder storm then heavy winds all night. It didn't get much above 50 on thanksgiving day. We ate at the neighbors . Smoked turkey, regular turkey, ham and all the fixings.

Friday morning we got such an early start there wasn't even goodbyes with our hosts. We had to dump at the local rv park and catch the ferry back to Rockport for the repairs on our stovetop. Works great now. They were done in record time 15 minutes and we were out of Rockport by 8:30. We drove to La Porte a suburb of Houston. Settled in at the Eagles and took naps. Late afternoon Donna's cousin Jim and his wife Yolanda stopped by for a visit then they took us out to dinner at the Kemah Boardwalk. Over to their house so they could show it to us.

Saturday morning after an all you can eat breakfast at the Eagles we left for Livingston and the home of the Escapees Club. It poured rain the whole way but we are on a schedule somewhat now. Stayed tuned.


roamingbarbara said...

It seemed that everywhere we went across the country, Ron had a relative, but I think you might have him beat.

Ron and Liz said...

Glad you made it off the island. We are back in the seventies with sun. Enjoyed our visit with you and will see you in May in Ohio.