Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We headed up the coast on a really beautiful sunny day. We decided to stop at St. Barbe and take the ferry to Labrador for an overnight. We saw our first moose as we arrived in town. At an RV/Storage Park we paid for two nights. The ferry left 3 hours later and we were on our way. Arriving at Port Sablon we headed north to Red Bay. The farthest the paved road went. Found a nice restaurant for some more seafood and then located a B&B for the night. Wade & Blanch, who own it also own a convenience store/gas bar. There was a couple from Ontario also there, Ron and Margo. Wade told us about the trail he helped build that we could see out their living room window. It looked like the "Great Wall of China". Be sure an enlarge this picture. He told how he had planned it and a crew started to build it while he was away. They were half way done and had built it wrong so he made them tear it down and start over.

The next morning we decided to walk the trail. Tracey Hill Trail has 670 steps and is .9 mile long. The views from on high were awesome and along the way we looked at moss, bakeapple or gooseberry which makes a delicous jam and pond that Cap't Kidd supposedly buried treasure in.

We continued southward back toward the ferry and stopped at L'ance Amour lighthouse. It was a tad foggy so opted not to climb up for the view. We then headed to the ferry, bought our return ticket then took a drive west or "ouest". That's French for west and guess where we were. Quebec. Didn't even realize it despite coming on a roadside time that was 1 1/2 hours difference and all the street signs were in French. There was even a beautiful sandy beach but no one was swimming.

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