Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back In Ohio

We got back to Ohio on Friday stopping along the way to visit John and Cynthia who we stayed with before leaving Ohio in June. We saw diesel for the first time under $4 so filled up. Around 7pm after a long 330 mile drive we arrived at Alliance, OH Elk's Lodge. They were having dinner so we went in and then made arrangements to park for the week. We settled into a spot after dinner. They had a band playing blues but since that wasn't our bag we watched "Rudy". It is a touching story.

Saturday morning Bob did a number of chores. He plugged the overflow on the fresh water tank so we don't lose gallons of precious water that we need while dry camping. The internet dish still isn't working right but the Elk's has wifi and we are taking advantage of it. We went to my daughter's for dinner then on the way home stopped at Bob's brother-in-law's Karl and Donna's for a brief visit.

Up early to go to the Canfield Fair. Bob drove me to Salem to met up with my daughter and 3 grandkids. He opted out of going to the fair. We had a great time. Headed first for the huge cinnamon rolls which Cody and I shared, then we split. The kids went to the 4H petting area and rides while I opted to go to the arts and crafts building. I used to compete with my needlework and one year even judged the needlework. I checked it out and while strolling around met my friend Sharon who lived in Salem and took me to my first EGA meeting a long time ago. We both have become disinterested in embroidery but perhaps that's because we have done it all. Met up with the kids again and I took the two younger ones on their first ferris wheel ride. Checked out the cow their cousin was showing and visited with her a bit. Bob got home about the same time we did and we visited before the kids left. Bob had visited his former neighbors while I was at the fair.

Labor Day. It is so nice to not have to labor anymore. We met Bob's son Wayne and family for breakfast at Cracker Barrel then had a nice visit at their home nearby. At noon we headed to Parma for a visit with my son Tom and his family. On the way home we stopped at Bob's niece Michelle's home. She was due to have her baby this weekend. But she didn't labor on Labor Day.

Early morning found me at the hospital with my daughter, Terri who had to undergo a biopsy for her thyroid which shows nodules. Say a prayer for her, please. Bob was getting blood work done. We then went to lunch with his cousin Donna and Larry. Afterwards visited with my other daughter, Tracy. We went shopping for another external hard drive for our computers. Visited with friends late afternoon. This is Deb showing her art work made out of tin boxes. They live next door to a gal I had worked with so I visited with them also. After dinner we spent the evening at the lodge where Bob visited with an ex-coworker.

We met Bob's sister Penny and Paul for breakfast in Salem. Then back to the motorhome to try to get the internet dish repaired. In the evening we took my daughter and her family to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.

Our last day here Bob had his doctor's visit. He got 2 1/2 stars for losing weight and reducing his cholesterol. We then went to lunch with my ex-neighbor Marion. Drove around to several friends homes to visit and no one was home so we gave up. Went home and took it easy.

Moving day. We will drive clear across Ohio and stop overnight at Lima's Metro Park. I want to visit Howard. He and his wife were friends of my husband and I and were very supportive when he passed away. Howard's wonderful wife Gloria passed away recently and he needs a hug.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You're moving right along and will be West before you know it. That fair sounds like fun.