Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cape St. Mary's

Our last day on the Rock. Newfoundland that is. We took a drive on the Shore Route to Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve. It was so foggy we couldn't even see the Visitor's Center. We didn't have a clue which way to go. The fog got a little lighter and Wow a place to go that had a restroom. Once inside we asked the park ranger if we would be able to see any of the birds with all the fog. He assured us we would if we walked the 1 mile trail. And did we ever see birds. Here are just a couple of them.



As we were returning to the visitor's center the fog lifted and we even got to see the lighthouse.
Our way home was amazing seeing all the countryside we had no clue even existed on our way down.

We moved into the ferry line at 8:30 pm and I cooked our steaks and potato. Root vegetables are not allowed into Nova Scotia from Newfoundland so had to eat that potato. We were able to get a few hours sleep off and on before the loudspeaker started giving instructions at 5 am. We were on board about 6 and left port at 7. We arrived at 11:30 pm at North Sydney,NS to pouring rain. It took us a while to get off ship as there were 2 vehicles ahead of us that had to be jump started. We were heading for the Legion where we had spent our night before going over to Newfoundland but found a mall with a really flat parking lot. There were other rv's there so we pulled in and just went to bed without leveling or opening up. We have discovered that by putting the rocking chair on top of the couch instead of the bathroom we can not only drive the rig with it there but also reach the bed. Cape St. Mary's

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Barbara and Ron said...

That is such a great picture of the gannet feeding the baby! I'd love to see all the wildlife, but not the fog.