Saturday, August 23, 2008


We went to Ellsworth, ME and made camp at the Elk's Lodge. We then took off for Acadia National Park. We had both been there before so it was just a quick trip. We went to the top of Cadillac Mountain and saw the views of Bar Harbor and all the islands.

Continuing the loop we stopped and did a short bike ride with our new folding bikes.
We got them some time ago but hadn't used them until today. By the end of the ride we were comfortable with them. Back at the lodge we went and paid our rent, visited with some of the people and had a light dinner of scallops and mussels with a salad. Life can be good.

The next day we headed for Topsham near Bob's son. Along the way we stopped at Camden Hills State Park where Jerry and Robbie Sypkins are working this summer. Robbie had flown to Houston the day before but we had a nice visit with Jerry.

At Topsham we pulled into the fairgrounds for a few nights. We are the only rig here so it will be peaceful. We got our mail package. The last time we had mail we were here so we had a pile to go thru. We went up to Mark and Jill's for dinner. We brought along the fixings for lobster bisque and Jill gave us a lesson on how to make it. And boy was it good.

Our second day in Topsham Bob changed all the cables on the the internet dish and got it working like it is suppose to. I went shopping and did the laundry. We took the kids to dinner in the evening.

Our last day Bob went out and got new tires for the car. Since we had a flat that couldn't be repaired and had to purchase a new tire he opted to get 5 and get larger diameter tires that raised the car 1 1/2" higher so maybe we won't scrape bottom when doing our 4 wheeling this winter in the west. I stayed home and cleaned. Guess that has to be done once in a while. We spent the afternoon and evening at Mark and Jill's. Jill is a gourmet cook so there was no losing weight.

We are leaving today and retracing our steps back to Henderson Harbor, where I grew up, to see my Uncle again.

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Barbara and Ron said...

We stayed at that Elks last summer - did they remember us?