Monday, April 27, 2009

The Last of City of Rocks

Our last few days at City of Rocks was peaceful and quiet except for the herds of scouts on Friday and Saturday. At least 20 tents went up. They were pretty well behaved but there sure was a lot of them.

Our Wins group swelled to 7 and we had hugs and circle everyday. Friday we went to the VFW in Deming for some dancing. We saw Grandma. Bless her heart she is 96 years old and still dancing. She uses a walker now after a recent fall and even when she is sitting one out she wiggles in her chair. When I met her 3-4 years ago she would start dancing at the senior center at 4pm, move on to the VFW for early evening dancing and end up at a nightclub. Of course she doesn't drive so hitches rides to and from. I just hope when I am 96 I can still dance like her. Bless her heart.

On Sunday we went to Silver City. Snagged a geocache on the way in and then did our laundry. Afterwards we went geocaching some more in the Big Burro Mountains. Saw a deer and 2 turkeys, a huge copper mine operation and some pretty back road drives. One geocache was at this stone house but it was a micro (less than 2") and while Bob looked for 1/2 hr we never did find it. Too many loose stones.

Keep tuned for our next adventure and state park. We are moving to Leasburg Dam State Park north of Las Cruces.

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