Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cortez to Bullfrog

9/25 We arrived at Cortez Elk's lodge in time for dinner. While we were in Cortez we had time to catch up on mundane things like laundry and more work on the electrical system. Before leaving on Sunday we did a major shopping trip to Walmart for the perishable stuff for the houseboat trip. Got 24# of sliced cold cuts and cheeses for our deli lunches. We left Cortez at 2:30 and arrived at Bullfrog at 7:15. Bob was flying. Did stop for fuel. Kicked ourselves for not purchasing it in Cortez at $2.71. Paid $2.80 at Blanding. Oh well, what's $5 more. The drive thru all the red rock and different formations was wonderful. Sorry about the bugs on the windshield.

Monday we visited with some old friends. Some people didn't even recognize me. Down at the marina we asked questions and later on toured one of boats that we will be assigned to on Wednesday. There was social hour at our place as we had the most shade. We had a brief meeting for our houseboat group and then split for a quick bite to eat. At 7 everyone came back and there was a surprise birthday cake and ice cream for Wanda.

Tuesday I went to the Marina and paid for the speedboat and insurance. After getting back I unload our bays with all the stuff we have bought for the trip. We then started to pack "our" stuff. Bob volunteered us to cook the first day so that means we also have to put out the lunch fixings. Going to be a busy few days then maybe we can relax.

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Diana said...

Great to meet up with you again - it's been a long time.