Monday, September 07, 2009

Last days at Heron

It was a relaxing time for me while Bob completely tore apart the trailer and rebuilt his storage the way he wanted it.

Rained every afternoon at circle time. Sometimes we held it in the trailer and other times inside the motorhome.

We were surprised one day by a visit from one of our "groupies" that we didn't even know we had. Bob Moeler stopped by because he recognized our rig from our blog. Told his wife he knew us. Had a nice visit, thanks for stopping Bob.

The hoards descended for the Labor weekend. The campsite next door and across from us were one big family. We counted one trailer, 8 trucks & cars and about the same number of tents. Their kids did not respect our space and were riding their bikes and running thru our patio a lot. To get me less stressed we went to Chama for breakfast with the group for the delicious all you can eat breakfast.
Then went geocashing
and for a drive.

These are the Brazo Cliffs we see in the distance from our lake.
If you click on this picture you can see our lake on the far left.

Our last day was spent getting ready to leave. Laundry, filling the tires, stowing stuff. 4 weeks have flown by. It is the longest we have ever stayed put and it tested our tanks to the max. We used water sparingly for drinking and doing dishes. Took showers at the shower house at the next camping area. The last few days we started shutting off the refrigerator at night to save our propane as we haven't filled it for 2 months.

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Diana said...

Wow, you guys have groupies! I'm sooooo jealous.