Thursday, October 08, 2009

Along the way to Lake Mead

We left Bullfrog on Wednesday driving thru these pretty colored rocks. We picked up our mail at Torrey, UT near Capitol Reef. Along the way we came upon this shepard with his flock. We continued on to just north of Panguitsh and found a turn out with this stream running by. It was close to the highway but the traffic noise ended during the night and we got a good nights sleep

Left early Thursday morning and stopped at Jacob Lake, AZ 40 miles above the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We toured the sights at the canyon

and headed back to the Nat. Forest CG. We decided since there was snow on the ground we would leave and go back to lower altitudes. As we were hurrying along Bob got stopped by the highway patrol and was ticketed. We left the cg and headed west. Just kept going until we reached Hurricane, UT and found a new Walmart. We pulled in and parked right in front of Paul from Reno and friend who had been on our houseboat. Bob had a nice visit with him finding out all about the repairs to his MH and car. Both of which were unmovable while we were at Bullfrog. Bob had managed to get the MH started and Paul took it to Page for repairs. He is getting the car repaired here.

Friday morning we decided to stay in the area but not at the Walmart. We moved 17 miles to the Elk's Lodge in St. George. We have a beautiful view of red rocks surrounding a golf course.
We took a drive to Snow Canyon State Park.
Watched some rock climbers. Lots of pretty views.
We did a short hike also to Jenny's Canyon. It was a slot canyon. There was also an overlook there. We ran errands around town and when we got back 4 other Win's were here having a social hour. We went inside to have dinner as we had skipped lunch.

We headed out toward Boulder City, NV and drove thru Virgin River Gorge.
Pretty scenery. We entered into Lake Mead National Recreation Area and came across this herd of big horn sheep.
At Echo Bay we tried to get into the campground where the WIN gathering is but as usual we are too long. Went down to the lodge and we were allowed to park in their huge parking lot "free". Got the car out and went back to the group that was there. Bob was surrounded by women but he handles it so well.

We then moved to our favorite campground at Boulder Beach near Boulder City, NV. Called Carl & Maryann and they met us for dinner at Toto's. They were neighbors of Donna's at Chittenango, NY in the 60's. Always visit with them. We will be here for two weeks and starting Friday we will be hosts for the WIN's gathering.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Well, you certainly got there fast. We'll see you there.