Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yuma again

We left Borrigo Springs on Monday the 30th after hugs in the morning. Our last official act as hosts. Everyone said we did a good job and we are glad they enjoyed themselves. They made it easy to host. We stopped briefly at the Salton City's new fuel station to dump, fill up with water and top off the propane at $1.99 gal. Continuing on our way with out a real idea of where we would end up. Bob was driving and chose not to do the interstate until he really had to. We drove thru the dunes at Glamis and then down Olgiby Road where we had stayed last November with our friends Bud and Nancy. We continued on picking up I8 for a short hop into Yuma and parked at the Paradise Casino.

We spent two night there as I had to prep for a colonoscopy and then an early 7:15 am appointment for the test. Bob was able to go to the casino restaurant for his meals and not tempt me into eating when I couldn't. Nice guy.

After I recovered from the test we moved the motorhome 16 miles over to the Yuma Lakes area where a bunch of our friends are. We went to 4 o'clock social hour then Bob treated me to dinner at the Red Lobster to "fill me back up".