Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bandera Dance Rally

All week we watched as more and more friends came in. The rally is run by the Single International (SI) chapter of the FMCA. All singles are invited and there are a lot of our WIN friends here and SOLO's & LOW's. Bob continued to work on repairing my kayak and I cleaned the inside of the motorhome. It took 4 days of scrubbing from floor to ceiling and everything in between. Every afternoon we had social hour under these beautiful live oaks.

Easter Sunday there was a hot dog roast at the river about 1/4 mile down the lane in the rv park. Afterwards a local man came and did rope tricks. Some while standing on top of his horse. I forgot the camera so the pictures we have are from Bob's cellphone.

Monday morning was orientation then we split into groups to divide the work for the week. Everything from fixing breakfast, cleanup, happy hour and dance greeters and cleaner uppers. Bob is on the purple team and I am on the green team.

Tuesday we cleaned the inside of the car. It was thick with dust on everything. I vacuumed and Bob followed with a wet rag. We keep a complete camping set up in the back including food and water in case we are stranded on these back roads. It was a long, hard, dirty task. We then went for the 2-step lessons for intermediate dancers in the afternoon. The afternoon social hour was this man, singing and doing cowboy poetry. Went back in the evening for more dancing. Forgot all the turns we learned and it was very cold so we came home early. The dance theme was Mexican Fiesta. Lots of costumes. One big hat. One small hat. I came in regular clothes as that's what the Mexican's are wearing when I see them around town. Bob came in his cowboy clothes.

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