Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Custer State Park and Needles Highway

We left early in the morning to see the animals in Custer State Park. We weren't disappointed. Within 3 miles on the wildlife loop we came across a herd of buffalo and one big bull by the side of the road. I wouldn't want to have been on that motorcycle.

We saw lots of antelope.

The donkey's that like to mooch from the tourists.
We geocached too.

Drove past Crazy Horse.

Everybody we have met told us to eat at the Alpine Inn in Hill City so that was our lunch stop. The German Plate with bratwurst was OK but the dessert we shared was to die for. Flaky crust, ice cream topped with rhubarb sauce and whip cream. Hmmmm.

We headed back down the Needles Highway to see it with out rain and sleet. Stopped by the lake for a different look. Lots of people climbing the needles.

We continued backwards thru Custer State Park to see the wildlife in the late afternoon hours. Antelope were getting boring but we found the same herd of buffalo near where we had seen them in the morning. Took a back road out and ran across more buffalo and a park ranger with a whip. Said it was to keep the intelligent creatures in line.

Back at the post we visited with Deanna and Dan and invited them out to our "home" to introduce them to our favorite tequila.

Our muffler was making lots of noise so on Tuesday we took it in for repairs. While there we had the tires rotated but when we hit the interstate it was shimming good. Bob took it back and we ended up with 4 new tires.

In the evening we met two couples who are Escapee Boomer's. Diane & David West next to Bob are the couple who gave us our Thousand Trails membership. The other couple next to Donna are Bill and Gisela Pollock.

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