Sunday, August 01, 2010

Billing's MT

Arrived in Billings, MT after a 270 mile drive. Long for us but there wasn't any thing or any place to see along the way. We stayed at the Moose Lodge where there was 30 amp electric which we needed when the thermometer said 99.9. That's as close to 100 as Donna wants. The Elk's Lodge had dinner and dancing on Friday evening.

Saturday was one of our long driving loops. Hey, the car does have A/C.

Our first stop was Chief Plenty Coups State Park.
He was the last Sioux Chief.
He had a vision where the buffalo turned into cattle so he settled here and ranched. Built this log house and opened a store.

We then drove to Little Big Horn Battlefield. It was hot so we just drove a little of the drive. Along the ridge and down the hillside were markers. The red colored ones were where the Indians fell in battle and the white ones were where the solder's fell. It's also a National Cemetery.

There was a monument for Custer's Last Stand and across the street one for the Indian's.

We took off over a dirt road for a short cut to Pompey's Pillar.
Here William Clark stopped and carved his name. Proof that his party reached here. It's in his diary. It was 99 degrees when we arrived. Donna said she was going to take a picture of the pillar and then borrow one of Diana's pictures of the signature but Bob challenged her and we climbed to it and took our own picture. The ranger on duty convinced us that we also had to go to the top. After all we were 1/2 way there. So WE did.

Back at the Lodge we went into their dinner and dance. The band is from ND and this whole area seems to love Oompah music. Even their waltz's are like a fast polka instead of the Waltz Across Texas type.

Our last day was hot. We did a little geocaching. Have 497 finds now. In the heat of the afternoon we cranked on the AC and settled in with our books. In the evening we again ventured out for geocaching and dinner. Tami, Donna's daughter had sent her a Red Lobster gift certificate for her birthday and one month to the day we celebrated by stuffing ourselves with lobster, shrimp & scallops. Thanks Tami.

Moving on....

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