Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cascade Loop/Whidbey Island

We left the motorhome at the SKP park in Chimacum, packed up our gear for 4 nights of tent camping & almost 600 miles of traveling on the scenic Cascade Loop. 

Our first day we took the ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island.
Landed at near by Fort Casey.

Saw the lighthouse there. 

At Oak Harbor we recognized a rig belonging to our Boomer friends Odel & Laurie. She was home & we had a nice visit. Odel was out golfing.

We continued on to Deception Pass State Park. 
Saw the bridge from below.

And from above.
The pass.  

We continued on to Antacortis
where we drove thru Washington Park 

and went down on the beach. Saw some interesting trees. 

                            And the Madrona tree.

We checked into the Thousand Trails campground @ LaConner where our WIN friends, Ron & Patty were parked. They had a tent already set up so we used it. We had a lovely visit. Ron had cooked dinner and we had lots of wine. So much so Bob doesn't recall getting into bed.

We woke up at 6 am the next morning. The family lodge was closed. We were cold so we loaded up the car and headed for COFFEE. Did I mention Bob had a hangover. I was driving and along the way the car kept losing power & stalling. After coffee & breakfast @ McD's we headed to see what was wrong with the car. The first place checked the battery & said it was bad. 2 blocks later we were @ a Napa store & the replaced it free. Phew. We drove around town, seeing sites & caching to be sure that it had been the battery. Decided to skip the ferry to the San Juan's until a later time and headed east on rte. 20. We arrived at the TT in Concrete. Set up the tent. Recharged all our electronic things & Bob took a nap.

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