Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cape Flattery

We headed to the most northwest point on the lower 48. Cape Flattery near Neah Bay. Drove out the road only to discover that it is heavily treed and the hike to the actually spot was 1 mile long round trip. Donna's hip pain just didn't allow it and Bob wasn't all that anxious to go either.

We cached along the way. 

Bob liked this lady fish.

 Some were at pretty spots along the highway.   

We spotted a car with SKP for a license plate and discovered the also are Escapees and were taking a day trip from Chimacum where we just had been parked. They remember seeing our rig. They also are Geocacher's and we got to talking about "the event" in Yuma.

Stopped for a bite to eat then head out to what we were told was the western most spot in the lower 48. There the hike was 3 miles one way. We watched some backpackers just arriving back at their cars. One man's pack had to weigh 100#'s. Donna tried to heft it and couldn't budge it. 

There was a pretty lake 
and a really big tree Donna had to hug.

And pretty flowers.

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