Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seaside, OR

We are beginning to head south. We went all of 41 miles to a Thousand Trails park for 4 nights. We rested for 2 days as we had been on the go so much at Long Beach.

The afternoon of the second day we ventured into town. Did a little cacheing and went to dinner.
Saw the  Lewis & Clark salt works
and their statue. 

Our third day we went to Astoria.
Our first stop was the Maritime Museum.
And the lightship.  A floating lighthouse.

The "Column" was next.
Bob climbed to the top for the views of Astoria. 

After lunch it was the waterfront trolley ride. 

They told us about the seals  so we had to go see them for ourselves up close. They are so heavy they sunk this dock.

We stopped for dessert.  

Then it was south to Cannon Beach where we saw Haystack Rock & the needles surrounding it.

Our real purpose was to watch the sunset at Ecola State Park.
But first the views.  

Strong winds  shaped this tree.

 And a strong sentiment. "I dropped a tear into the ocean and when it's found, is when I will stop loving you." Donna first saw this the first year after she was widowed & cried. Now it has another meaning for her but she still had tears in her eyes.'s the "sunset".

Our last day we toured Fort Clatsop. Where Lewis & Clark stayed the winter before heading back. Another statue of them in the visitor center. 
We visited with this intrepretor. 

Back at Seaside one more trip out to the Promanade turnaround. They are setting up the tents for the big race. (Mt) Hood to Ocean Relay Race. It's their 21st annual. A huge crowd is expected this weekend so glad we are moving on.


Desert Diva said...

Donna: I didn't know you were a widow. Beautiful photos and the desert looked awesome! :-)

Barbara and Ron said...

I LOVE the Column! Can't wait to see it again. Those are some gorgeous shore pictures. And the dessert - yum.