Thursday, September 01, 2011

Visiting in Eugene

August 30. On to Eugene. Just a short hop down I5. There is a huge mall along a river that allows RV parking. We have visited some friends here years ago but had never stayed. Now we can say we have. There is a biking, walking path that runs for 8.5 miles right beside where we are parked and also it's lined with blackberry bushes. Hmmmm. Donna picked some.

We left a message on George Dockstader's phone and an hour later he and Jan arrived for a short visit.

The next day we joined our friends Odel & Laurie for breakfast at Marie Callender's. They are in a city park campground and had to take their rig in for service. They called us & were parked in the parking lot but couldn't determine if we were ip. We hastily got dressed and joined them for a delightful hour of visiting both at the restaurant & at our rig.

We then drove out to the campground on Lost Lake where George camphosts. Along the way we cached and found one at this covered bridge.

Back home Bill Gott came by for a visit. I guess we have our visiting all done now.
So we may as well mosey south. We arrived in the boondock area of the SKP Park at Sutherlin, OR on Thursday. 9/1/11. Bob has never been here & Donna was here when 9/11 happened.

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