Saturday, March 10, 2012

After one rally onto another

We left the fairgrounds and headed to the Paradise Casino. On the way we stopped at Super Fuels for diesel and propane. We had the car in tow to test out the new brakes Bob bought at the rally. When we left the station the tow bar broke.

At the Casino, Bob helped Curt apply his new slide toppers. Then the two of them went looking for a tow bar. While Donna cleaned the motorhome with all the microfiber towels she bought. The 3 of us went to the Texas Roadhouse. We each had a free appetizer plus our entrees. Brought two boxes full home.

Since the rules had changed at the casino we left and headed to the BLM land where we knew lots of friends were. We went geocaching (got 17) then at the VFW for a few dances before heading home for leftovers. Donna warms up food real well.

Sherry & Ted came by the next evening. Had a great visit. They told us all about their plans for their new home in Belise.

Headed out early on Monday to get the tow bar and then it was onto CA for the Roadrunner's Rally after a brief stop at the Q casino to go to Algodones to get a couple of bottles and our medications.

The Roadrunner's weren't at their normal campfire pit because a motorhome burnt to the ground after Thanksgiving and there was a lot of debris left there. We spent two days raking, shoveling and using a magnet to pick up 13 bags of trash. One of the guys here at the rally took it back to the Kofa park to dispose of it.

It wasn't all work.
There were 27 rigs here plus a big tent where our meals, games and get togethers are held.

There were Minute to Winit games that Bob entered. 

A rock race was fun. 
 There was a business meeting. Happy Hours are always fun. It's nice to get to know the people who are in our park or pass thru.

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