Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boulder Beach

Our favorite campground near Las Vegas has to be Boulder Beach. It's part of the Lake Mead national recreation area. We settled in on site 25 where we would park with the long, long trailer. The next morning we were out for a walk around the park and noticed that a site with a view of the water was coming open. We went back & got the car and parked it on site 87 after the motorhome left. Donna even caught a ride back to our site in that motorhome. Bob in the meantime was readying our's for the move. In less than hour we were sitting back enjoying our site with a view. Donna couldn't stop taking pictures and the sunrise the next morning was awesome.

We made out a list of things to get in Las Vegas and off we went on Saturday. Camping World, Lowe's, Sketcher's, lunch and then the ultimate toy store for Bob. Fry's Electronic's. It's always at least 2 hours of browsing and shopping. Donna sometimes goes to their cafe for a cappuccino and waits but this time she browsed also. We needed a new cable for the Ipad, a new DVD as our 2 old ones won't play the new DVD's. Oh, a camera. Why not our old ones are getting a bit beat up and the newer ones really put out. We got the newest Canon and it zooms 20X.
We played with the camera getting this closeup.
 Bob played with his new toy helicopter.

On Sunday Bob installed the DVD only to discover that the surround sound remote worked on it and that wasn't good. So with the old remote in hand he went back to Fry's returned the DVD, tested their other DVD's and came back with one that worked. We even watched a movie.

Monday morning Donna arranged for our new insurance for the car. Then it was get out of the rig. We downloaded some geocaches. Several of them were up a road called Bootleg Canyon and the view from up there was awesome.
Zoomed view  That's is why we like to geocache. If it wasn't for that one cache we would never have seen it. Bob gave our new camera a workout.  He zoomed the camera to get a pic of the new bridge at Hoover Dam. And a view of Vegas.

We met these two bikers at the top where we took these pictures and again at the bottom of their run. These two where from Warren. 
And this fellow from Pittsburg.  And to top if off he had been to the Giant Eagle in our hometown this week.
 We stopped at this Rock Garden for what else a cache.

Tuesday was a Walmart run for a new printer and groceries. Back home Bob installed the printer. It didn't work. He called tech support, they couldn't help. Finally, Bob got it working himself. Meanwhile Donna made a big pot of chicken soup. 

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Diana said...

Love the pictures with the new camera- great choice!!