Friday, June 29, 2012

Diamond Lake

We left in the rain and it rained the whole trip. Because of it and the low clouds hanging over the mountains we took a longer route to get here. Back up to Colville then down past where we would have come out with the short cut. On we went and 108 miles later we arrived. We decided we didn't care for the place and told them we would only stay the night. Found a spot, hooked up to the electric...still raining. Settled in with 3 bars on the phone. SATV, local TV channels and good MiFi. Donna made a big pot of chunky chicken noodle soup and we relaxed.

When we got up the next morning the SUN was out and we changed our plans. After checking with the weather it looks like it will be nice the next two weeks so we decided to stay after all.

The Jello shook...Donna was busy with the eraser and maps. We will be taking it slow again instead of rushing off to MT & WY as we thought we would have to to find warmer and sunnier weather.

We both worked on the computer's. Bob trying to finish up his "This Old House" CD to get them mailed out. Donna started a project of her own blog of her first 8 years on the road. She doesn't want to publish it for all to see. Just family. The main reason is she wants the hardbound books made. It screwed up here emails and she now "has" gmail and yahoo. Eliminated Escapees then to boot she can't even access the 5 1/2 months of blog she put in.

We decided to do a long day trip to "relax". We went almost to the Canadian border. Up the west side of the Pend Oreille (pronounced "pond a ray") and down the east side.

On the way up we cached at this spot.

 and Ruby Ferry 

Saw this beautiful Box Canyon Dam.

At the top of the loop we toured Gardner Caves.
 It was a very wet cave. Check Donna's jacket.
Pretty pools. 
This was the largest feature. 

Checked out Boundry Dam. 

Then headed down the east side passing by Sullivan Lake
and this pretty small waterfall. Washington is not lacking for water.
And we even spotted wildlife. 

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