Friday, June 08, 2012

Trip up the Canyon

We took a trip up the Yakima Canyon. First we went south toward Yakima.

There are fields of these but not sure what they are growing. Think it may be hops.

We then headed up Interstate 82. The hills to the west look almost like velvet.

At Ellensburg we went to downtown as the AAA book said to see the Blue Bull Bench sculpture.

This pretty building was across the street. 

We went up a hill overlooking the town and discovered this 
pretty American Legion.
and a nearby castle. The town had hoped to be the state capital and built this for the governor's mansion.

North of town there was the small community of Thorp that had an interesting, restored flour mill.
It didn't have the usual vertical mill wheel  instead it was a horizontal one and this is an old rusted one.

We then headed back home driving south on the canyon road. The river runs along side it. Before the interstate this was the main road between Yakima & Ellensburg.

Once we got back to the motorhome we hitched up and headed to Richland. Arrived at Dee Turner's home. She has two driveways and we parked in one of them for a nice visit.

 Then it was out to dinner.

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