Friday, August 31, 2012

The Hart of Custer

We moved to just below Rapid City to the Hart Ranch. We can use it because of our Thousand Trails upgrade. We are here to become South Dakotians. Our first visitors were John Priest who is a neighbor in our loop and Mike Isham. Both are Win friends.

We got our Driver's License and registered to vote. We used John's father's address. He lives here and took us to lunch our first day here. Going to see him again before we leave.

There are Escapee Boomer's here also and we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch one day with the Betty, Duane, Marge & Ed.

Custer State Park is nearby so of course we had to tour it. The first animals we came across were antelope.

Then the traffic was stopped for a herd of buffalo.
Bob saw a side dirt road and away we went from the maddening crowds and we were treated to another herd, up close & personal.

Onward & upward we went. The aspen were changing colors.

We went over the Needles Highway.The Cathedral Spires are awesome.

The highway got it's name from this rock formation. 
The Needles Eye.

 Then there was Sylvan Lake.

Continuing on we came across some presidents. 

And another animal.
  Sheep, goat? Can never remember.

We love the Iron Mountain Road that takes us thru several tunnels. One even frames Mt. Rushmore.

Then there are the "Pigtails". The road loops around and over itself. Sorry no picture.


Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Loved your buffalo pixs. Ugly but magnificent up close.

Joel said...

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