Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Long Day Trips

We like to do long day trips. Our first one was to Spencer, ID. Along the way we spotted this fellow pointing the way. 
Off in the distance were these 6 elk.

We geocache and it takes us to interesting, beautiful or historic places. This was one where the indians raided the calvary. 

Didn't see much wildlife but this was ranch area and we came across some in the road.

On our way home we always stop at Howard Springs for the very best & coldest water.

There are more indians here too.

Another trip was into Yellowstone's southern loop. We took a couple of side loops.
This one is Firehole Falls. 
It was a warm day so there lots of bathers here.

This is the first time we have seen these in Yellowstone.
There are red ones in Glacier.
 Another side loop took us to some hot spots.

Then of course there is the greatest one.
Old Faithful. 
 While we were waiting for the eruption we visited with these folks  from Germany. Their daughter is studying in Bozeman and they came to visit.

We headed to the south entrance and took a road that had been recommended for its scenery. It was dirt most of the way and went from Flagg Ranch to Ashton. Lots of wildlife if you consider squirrels and grouse.

Grassey Lake. 


And Indian Lake.

Back in ID Bob spotted this fixer upper but Donna said NO!
 Just proving there are potatoes in ID

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