Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Rally

We woke up to balloons getting ready to launch from the parking lot just ahead of us.
After Bob's doctor visit and a few errands in town we left Paradise Casino and headed into California for the Escapee's Chapter 7 rally. Most of the people attending are residents of Kofa. We park out on the desert where it is so quiet and the stars are bright.

There are more people here this year than what has been here in the past. We really fill the tent.

We have social hours, meals, campfires with a singer and auction where the proceeds go to the Escapees Care Center.

We park away from most of everybody else as they run generators and we have more peace and quiet plus exercise walking to the tent several times a day. Our motorhome is in the very center, way back.

The weather turned real hot. Donna started the rally with long johns and ended in shorts & tanktop. We stayed on an extra night and it was so quiet and peaceful. Sat outside and visited with another couple, Pat and Bill and watched the stars come out.

The sun rise was spectular for our last morning before heading on to the Elk's Lodge in Parker where we could have electricity and air conditioning.

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