Friday, May 03, 2013

The Rim

We did a long day trip on dirt roads to see the Grand Canyon's Lava Falls from the rim.  The end of the road was at Toroweap.
This was the only wild life we saw. 

We geocached along the way. 
One was at these rocks.

This is Toroweap. A couple of buildings, a restroom, garage all for the National Park people.
Just past this was a rusty grader. It must not get used any more as the road quickly becomes very rough.

There was a whole valley filled with orange flowers. 

We met some other Jeep people there from St. George when we got to the rim. 
Even a picnic table for our lunch break.

This was the other geocache. It is called a virtual and has no log to sign. We had to take a picture of Bob at Ground Zero to prove he was there.
We even took some pretty pictures of the river. 

Also met two gals who were waiting on this rock to see the rafts go thru the rapids. They are the worst rapids on the river trip and we have each rafted the canyon twice. They also had done it.

Below are the rapids.
And the rafts.
A space ship? (rock)

And a two story outhouse.

 Pretty flowers.

Saw a former volcano.

We came back thru Pink Coral Sand Dunes State Park area. Saw these pretty rock formations.


ourbusandus said...

Beautiful pictures, was this on the north rim side of the canyon? Just wondered when you mentioned there were people there from St. George, UT. We are leaving tomorrow for Cedar City KOA for one night, glad we are finally moving on.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

Diana said...

Wow- I've always wanted to do that trip!

Donna Huffer said...

Yes, it was on the north rim. South of Colorado City, UT