Friday, July 26, 2013

Bob's Trail

Follow the leader. In this case it was Bob leading the Twin Creek Trail. He went with someone the first time to show him the way. Then he took me so that our GPS would make a trail. So this was his 3rd time. Only one other jeep came along and the couple had her parents along so it was 6 of us.

First we "air down" the tires to make a smoother ride. 

Then we head out on tire tracks.

 Always on the look out for wildlife. We race the pronghorns. There are more of them than residents in the state. We can't keep up as they can go 60 mph.

We spotted something that resembled a house across the valley but zooming in discovered it was a rock formation.
 Flowers were pretty.
Then we spotted a herd of elk.
A lazy pronghorn on our way out.
 Of course we found "more red rock"
  And hoodoos.

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