Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Busy Week

We saw lots of pretty sunrises and sunsets this week.

On a day trip to Parker we stopped in Bouse and got a post office box then a brief visit with Lee & Clay. Visited Jerry & Robbie Sypken in an rv park on the Colorado River in CA. Had a free spaghetti dinner at the Bluewater Casino. Stopped at Walmart for our groceries. On our way home we got behind a motorhome. Bob said it looked like Curt's. We passed him and it was. Donna called him on their cellphone and they followed us into our desert paradise.

We went with them to lunch and breakfast two days in a row. We sat with Ed Foster who is the mayor of Quartzsite.

Marie and Alan Williams stopped by for a visit on their way to Yuma and so did Janet Henry.

We had another beautiful sunset.

Another visitor was Dennis & Carol Hill. At one time he owned the Driving School and they just downsized from a 40' to a 35' motorhome. Pretty coach.
Getting near to Christmas we spent one evening at a potluck at Somewhere Arizona bar in Bouse. Good food and good music.

On the 20th we had to return for the day to Algodones. Donna needed some jaw bone filed down at the  dentist and we got our cheap but good haircuts. Many stops that day. #1 Sam's Club and bought a new TV that uses a lot less energy. #2 Our shed at our lot in Kofa. Bob didn't have enough stuff stuffed into our bays. #3 Oil & Lube for the Jeep. #4 Lunch for us. #5 VFW for Bob to renew and us to see a few friends, Handlebar, Doug, Marie, Alan, Nelida and Dale.

Bob installed our new TV the next day.

Our last night at MM 99 we joined Jack and Doreen for dinner at Mountain Quail restaurant then went to the Yacht Club with them for music and dancing. Donna has know them since 1999. She met them at Zolfo Springs Escapee Park. Jack has been advising her/us on rv insurance ever since.


Barbara and Ron said...

I really like that first picture. Merry Christmas to both of you.

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