Friday, February 21, 2014

Old Towns

On to Benson we went. We parked at the Escapee Saguaro Co-op. Bob had mail coming in to Willcox so we headed off for it. We returned via back roads and came upon the Pearce Ghost town. It was an old mining town.
 Back home we settled in then headed to Happy Hour at the clubhouse.

Later we joined Jeanne & Jack Alber's at their lot to watch the hills change color as the sun was setting.

Our second day we did the laundry and read. Donna went to the Ladies Night Out comedy show.

Our last day we drove to Tombstone about 25 miles down the road. We had been there before and things have changed a bit but we still had a good time. 

They no longer have the gunfights on the Main Street. You have to go to other sites and pay.
 Bob got a new girlfriend.
 We then hopped on the trolley and took a tour of the town.
The Courthouse.
 Self explanatory.
By this time we were hungry so we went to OK Corral Cafe for buffalo burgers and a nice visit with Rod & Cora from SD. Real ranchers.

 A stroll around town afterwards. Donna got to see these two characters.

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