Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Long Day's Drive

Reading information in the Las Vegas book we got at the Visitor Center we decided to do a BIG Loop. It was over 200 miles. We drove up I25 to the town of Wagon Mound. It got it's name because this rock formation reminded them of a Conestoga wagon. We topped off the fuel tank as there weren't any fuel stations on the loop.
 We came to the Canadian River and drove thru this deep canyon.

We came to the small town of 

Another town down the road had this mural.

We really came to see the scenery.
Spotted the number 14 in this rock wall but checking it with binoculars we discovered it was bird droppings from a rock hole nest.
Looking at the map Donna discovered a small town called Sabinosa. It was 5.5 miles down a dirt road. The scenery in the valley was beautiful.

 At the bottom we found this church.
 And 4 mailboxes. Big town.
 Is this a pyramid.

 Down stream of the Canadian River.
 Back on the pave road heading to Las Vegas we discovered  chapel in the middle of nowhere.
Back in Las Vegas we stopped for dinner at the Plaza Hotel. Unfortunately the dining room was closed but the bar served meals.
Back home we were in time for "Happy Hour" at our place. 

Left to right is Jim, Bob, Daryl & Deanna, Bill, and Sherry & Jack. We do this almost every evening.

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