Friday, June 27, 2014

Clayton Lake State Park

Came to Clayton Lake again. We where here in 2009 and had a wonderful time at the 4th of July celebration in town. Got almost the same parking place too. Dry camping on the point. We can see water on three sides.
 We even have a picnic table. We have nicknamed the Flintstone's table.
 One day we went on a drive along the Santa Fe Trail.
 The ruts can still be seen at this site.
We went geocaching and found some in 3 states. NM, OK and Texas.
At one spot we found a survey marker. This side of the fence where Bob took a picture of the Jeep was Texas. The side of the road with the telephone/electric poles was NM and the other side of the road is OK.
Donna had to you know "what" and she thinks with the wind blowing she managed to hit all 3 states.
Bob went to find a geocache inside this roadside sign.
Back home we had a pretty sunset.

 One day we took a hike out to the dinasaur tracks across the dam from where we are parked.
 Don't we blend in?
 Some interesting driftwood.

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