Thursday, July 24, 2014


To get to our new location we drove thru Taos. There was a Fiesta going on an we were just ahead of the parade. The streets were lined with people and we had fun waving at them like we were one of the floats. 

Along the way we drove thru some pretty countryside. 
 The road hugged the banks of the Rio Grande River. There were kayaker's and rafts.
 And more pretty scenery.
We picked out a site and got parked. Lois was parked nearby. We had a beautiful view of the lake out our windshield for the first 2 nights. Then we moved across the street so this view is out our couch window now. Lois moved to the site next door. We decided to stay longer so had to move to a non-reservable site.
The sunsets here were awesome. Even a rainbow behind us.
Donna took Lois for a drive up the road to see the pretty scenery. Along the way they stopped at Ghost Ranch. Georgia O'Keefe's home was here. Now it is a place that does events and retreats.
 Views of Lake Abiquiu.

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