Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Last Hurrah

Our last NM state park was Ute Lake above Tucumcari near Logan in the northeast part of NM. We have stayed here before but we really liked the site we chose this time. So close to the water we could hear the waves lap against the shore. We had a picnic table with a roof.  Pretty sunsets.
And flowers.
Our friends Gary and Audrey Wyatt from our hometown of Salem, OH stopped by for a few days.
We had great happy hours.

They never had been to Tucumcari so we went into town and to the museum. 

 We had a neighbor for one weekend. Jerry and Bonnie from Amarillo.
We would go into town each weekday for lunch at the senior center. Met some nice folks and even some we had as neighbors at other state parks.

Spotted this wildly painted car one day.
One day we took a long drive up to Clayton Lake to visit with our friends Tim and Mary. We geocached on the way up and back. A lot of them were placed by Dan & Nancy, the couple we met in Stanley when we were in Santa Fe. They have several hundred caches around the state.

Another day it was old Route 66 day. We headed to the Texas border on the south side of I40 geocaching the new ones that our friends had placed. Donna had been on this road back in 1950 when it was paved.
May have even stayed in this motel?

After getting on the north side of the interstate we stopped for lunch and discovered this huge truck stop, gift shop, restaurant and car museum. Spent a couple of hours just wandering around.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You really find some interesting places.