Sunday, November 02, 2014

Bay Landing Side Trips

We spent our last week at Bay Landing geocaching, repairing, remodeling, meeting new people.
This was an interesting geocache place.
 How about this golf ball & tee water tower.
 We got new neighbors, George & Carlie. We invited them to go to "Yesterday's" with us.
 Another day we decided to take a trip to a Casino in OK. We got lost and it took us 138 miles to go 63 miles. We did see some pretty scenery and a couple of deer. We are impressed at the size of houses in Texas. Everything is bigger here.
 But I guess the mortgage must be "Big" too. Lots of for sale signs.
 We finally got to the casino. We played for about 2 hours until Bob lost his $20 and I lost my $10.
On our way home we stopped in Gainesville for dinner at Neu Ranch BBQ. We got there in time for the All you can eat BBQ for $5.99 each.

 Our last evening Bob treated us to dinner at Sweetie Pies in Decatur.
Great steak and an interesting baked potato (skin is greased in pine sap, cooked and wrapped in brown paper. The butter for it has cheese and other stuff in it. 
Again "big" refrigerator.

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