Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, Old Friends

The Burger Bash at the Palms RV Park brought out Escapee Friends.
Then it was movie afternoon followed by "you guessed it" more eating out. 26 close Boomer friends.

Followed by the biggest of all Hot Dog's for Escapees hosted by Ron & Sharon Mead. 
72 close friends helped by bring a dish to share.

When we weren't eating out with all these Escapee friends we went to Mexico several times. Donna needed her bridge completed so we checked on several dentists in Algodones and found one in San  Luis who charged a lot less. Bob ordered new eyeglasses, we got our teeth cleaned, met WIN friends in MX and played cards most evenings at the clubhouse at our Kofa park where we have a lot. We dry camped across from it and we cleaned the rig from top to bottom.


Barbara and Ron said...

I hope that wasn't all in one day! Looks like a fun start to the year.

Rebecca Hazen said...

It was great seeing both of you again. It has been awhile.