Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pennsylvania Tours

While we were at the Hershey Thousand Trails we took two wonderful day trips.
The first was to Hershey. We went to Chocolate World. Very crowded with lots of kids. We got on a ride that took you through a simulated chocolate factory. Chocolate is no longer made here. It is made in China and Mexico.
 The next day we went to Philadelphia . Found we could ride the Amtrak from a town about 1/2 hour away. It was a two hour ride and cost us $73 for the two of us round trip. Bob was very glad he didn't have to drive.
 We arrived at the 30th Street Station. A very beautiful facility.
 We hopped on the trolly (which ran underground). We took the subway back. It was free with our Medicare Card.
We arrived one block from Independence Square. After a bite of breakfast at the Red Owl. Very expensive. $5 for a cup of coffee. The people at the next table who had a normal breakfast of french toast and a bacon & egg plate with coffee's had a tab of $78. Our's was over $20 for a small croissant, 1 cup of coffee and a regular blueberry yogurt.
Across the street was Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
 The line was long and we visited with a man from Detroit who also does a blog and is a journalist.
He interviewed us the following week and published it.

Donna got sick just before entering the building and made a dash across the square so missed out on seeing the bell. She had seen it before anyway.
 We then walked about 4 blocks to the Betsy Ross House.
 She made the flag in her bedroom as English Soldier's were occupying her home.
 An interpreter told us about making the flag and how George Washington wanted a 6 pointed star but she convinced him the 5 point was easier to make. It took 2 weeks to sew it.
We stopped briefly at Benjamin Franklin's grave.
 We watched some children learning how to drill.
 A beautiful cobblestone street nearby
A full standing statue of Benjamin Franklin.
 Out near the 30th St station were these big, beautiful skyscrapers.


Barbara said...

No chocolate made in Hershey? !? Does the town no longer smell like chocolate? I'm depressed. My uncle worked at the factory.

Donna Huffer said...

No chocolate.smell.