Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On to Illinois

We drove clear across Indiana spending one night near the border of Illinois, then clear across Illinois until we reached the Mississippi River. We found a Corp of Engineer park, "Fisherman's Corner" near the Quad Cities as they are called. We had a beautiful view.
We were parked near a lock and watched the big barges going thru them.
The next day we drove the "Great River Road" on the Iowa side to Dubuque.
We crossed this bridge over to the "Great River Road" on the Illinois side.
We drove past Ulysses S. Grant's home.
We had been told by our camping neighbors to be sure to stop at "Poopy's" restaurant so on the way home that's exactly where we stopped.
It's a biker's paradise and the food was good too.
After we ate we went back across the river to visit the "Picker's" Store.
 And to get the Geocache, of course.
 The next morning before leaving the area we toured "Buffalo Bill's Museum"
 To get the Geocache there.
 And to see the River boat "Lone Star".

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