Saturday, August 29, 2015

Green Mountain Lake

August 20th we moved to the Elk's Lodge in Westminster, CO. We chose an end site. Bob went shopping for Jeep doors. He wanted ones that had roll down windows. Came back saying he couldn't find the place. The next day with different directions he went and found it. Got doors but it took all day to get them changed out. He will get them painted to match later.
On August 22nd we moved to Silverthorne's Elk's Lodge about 70 miles away. We have stayed here before. We checked out the campgrounds at Dillion Lake. The next day there was a breakfast at the lodge and a couple we sat with told us about a beautiful lake with a waterfall on the other side of it so sounded like a great day trip. We had heard a lot of sirens the day before and found out that a young 14 year old boy drown in this lake "Green Mountain Lake".
We continued on to Lower Cascade Lake. The road was dirt and kind of rough. The NFCG were for tents only. The lake was beautiful and so peaceful. We sat at a picnic table and chatted with a lady whose son's were fishing along the lake but we couldn't see them.
 Nearby was this interesting shaped pine tree. 
 On the hike back to the car Donna spotted this. At first we thought it was a camouflaged tent so we took a picture an it was a rock with different colored mosses.
We continued on a huge loop but didn't take any pictures. Spent most of the day doing it. Went to Kremmling, Hot Sulpfer Springs, Granby, Winter Park then back to I70 and home.

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