Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our Domicile

We drove across South Dakota to Rapid City. Saw lots of crops including these beautiful sunflowers. Bob drove about 5-6 hours and we were checking out various places to park but didn't find them suitable so we ended up having a long day. Stopped at Murdo and stayed O/N at a commercial campground backed up to I90. We lopped off a huge branch getting into the site then it was a short walk to a nearby restaurant. Read in the evening as the tree prevented us getting the SATV.
The next day we continued on to Rapid City. After settling in at the Elk's Lodge with 50 amp electric and water we headed over to America's Mailbox. This is our mail forwarding service to be S. Dakota residents. In just a few hours we had renewed our license plates. We then went to the Firehouse Restaurant for dinner. We had been there before with friends John and Johnny Priest. It was good as usual.

The temperature was very warm while here so we decided to spend the day in the A/C car and toured Custer State Park. Saw some awesome wildlife.
 Then we drove past Mount Rushmore
 Bob wanted also to drive the Needles Highway. 
Lots of narrow tunnels.
After our dinner in the town of Custer we headed home and drove past the Crazy Horse Monument. Still being worked on. Hasn't gotten much farther than the last time we were here.
We went to visit John Priest while here. We met him through the WIN's. He is permanently a resident of Rapid City now and has a lovely condo. Had a wonderful visit. Thanks, John.

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