Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Meandering Home

September 12th we left Moab and went to Cortez.
Our friends Dan & Marie greeted us just as we arrived.
The next morning we went to breakfast with them.
 In the afternoon we went to Chesnie's recital. She did well.
 After the recital we went to their home and we had drinks and dinner.
Bob brought over our DiRussio's sausages and they loved them so much they are going to order some  online.

September 14 we continued our trip thru New Mexico to Gallup for fuel and thru some beautiful scenery.
 We crossed into Arizona.
We found a wonder free campground at the south entrance to the Petrified Forest.
 The next day we drove into it.
 This was a HUGE log we saw.
 There was this beautiful area.
As we left we came across this old car on old Rt. 66. 
We found out later there was a geocache there.
 Continuing on we came to the Painted Desert.
 The next day we drove to Showlow area. We have a lot there we wanted to put a "For Sale" sign on.
We also placed a geocache there so it would bring people to it and they might buy it.
We then went over to visit our WIN & LOW friends for Happy Hour.

We visited with our neighbors who are traveling from Israel in a rented motorhome.

September 17th we headed for Flagstaff. We stayed in Bonito Nat. Forest CG.
It was beautiful but we had to drive 2 miles to get cell service.

 One day we drove to Walnut Canyon National Monument. We watched a film about the ancient Indians who lived in this canyon. They would farm on top of the mountain.
 Another day we drove to the......
 Our first stop was at the Desert View tower. Bob first saw this from the river.
 The view was fantastic and the river was waaaayyyyy down.
There were many beautiful views.
Donna liked this tree.

 We stopped at this view point for our lunch.
 Going into the west visitor's center parking lot we encountered this elk.
 Another day we drove to Seligman on old RT 66.
We spotted these old signs. Remember them?
Bob was looking for a specific T-shirt so we went into a bunch of gift shops. 

Donna even got to see Elvis up close and personal.
 We returned to Parks the next day to find a few geocaches on old Rt. 66
There was one at this interesting fence made out of skis.
 Another cache was down this path which had been Rt. 66 at one time.
 Our neighbors at the campground were Lori and George from Atlanta.
They were from Atlanta and had left about a month ago to see the west.
Our last night there rain was in the forecast so they packed there gear and slept in our living room.

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Barbara said...

That's a really clever idea about the geocache. I guess we missed you by a week or so.