Wednesday, February 03, 2016

New Beginnings

While we were still in Yuma we continued to go to the movies and dinner with the Boomer's. Played cards in the evenings with Glenda, Don, Kay, Tom and our new friends Phil and Judy. We went to MX several times with Phil and Judy for dental, hearing aides and the usual stuff.

Donna went to lunch with the Boomer Ladies one day.

We got our 5000 geocache at the Peanut Factory.

On the 13th we headed out to Quartzite. Our first camping spot was "Boomerville". Our rig is the center one on the bottom. Phil & Judy parked next to us. 

We were very busy.
Two days we went to the Escapee's Happy Hour. Saw lots of friends.

Redmond Services had a free dinner and drinks. We met Wendy and Mike and took Phil and Judy.
We went to Silly Al's for great pizza and dancing.

We went to the Desert Bar for drinks and to show them around.
Then it was off to the Floating Bar for lunch. Rob and Linda joined us.

We did 4-wheeling with some of the Boomer's. Got a geocache here.

We moved from Boomerville to La Paz Valley Road for the Geocache Rally.
They arranged for a tour to an historic place. Geocaches there too.

We went to Millie's Hanger Party in Salome.

Then we went to the QIA to see our friends Tupe and Janey do their "Laughing Bird" show.

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